Graham Edwards Moves up to Center for Policy and Research

Graham was appointed the CEO of Telereal Trillium in 2001. Graham Edwards rose to a respectable market leader in outsourcing of property and investment circles. He is also a smart negotiator. He was one of the lead officials in the acquisition of Trillium, which was a precursor to the annual returns of over 1 billion pounds. He is an astute investment guru with practical experience in investment. He is an alumnus of Cambridge University, where he studied Economics.


Brief on Graham Edwards

Graham is a respected policy research expert. He led some of the most respectable companies in the United Kingdom. He is also the founder of the innovative modern outfit called Telereal Trillium. He stands out among some of the most progressive entrepreneurs that took a unique turn to survive in a fast-changing economic environment. Graham Edwards gave birth to the idea of Telereal after a long-spanning career in the telecommunications industry and several other parastatal leadership roles in the UK. Telereal is a fast-growing asset management and investment company. Graham Edwards conspicuously showed his head in the leadership of the asset financing and Management Company in 2001. The company is what was once called telecom holdings. Mr. Graham Edwards Telereal managed to turn around the fortunes of the company soon after he took charge of its leadership. Graham had his first taste of corporate leadership after he was honored with an appointment as the Merrill Lynch Manager. His experience at Merrill Lynch inspired him to venture into his own asset management firm that is now Telereal Trillium. Mr. Graham is privileged to have managed over 6700 properties across the UK. One of their most outstanding deals was the one worth 2.5 billion pounds. Graham has announced that he is now joining The Center For Policy And Research. His long experience in the industry as the CEO of various high flying organizations is likely to help him in his new pursuits at CPS.



After having made his money from the various ventures emanating from carefully calculated investments, Graham Edwards has also made contributions to charities and made an impact on the lives of others he does not even know. He has diversified his investments so much so that he can generously contribute to the charities of his choice large sums of money that few others have dared to give. He serves on committees such as One Voice Europe, British Friends of the Hebrew University among others.