Investing Advice from Expert Igor Cornelsen

Investing can be a profitable move when you do it correctly. The potential for economic growth is always expanding and changing. But there will always be a foundation to investing that you should keep in mind. Igor Cornelson is a well-known banker and investor and he has three tips that he offers for anyone who is considering investment. Igor Cornelson theorizes that connecting with the locals, preparing for red tape, and understanding foreign-currency restrictions are three things to always keep in mind when one is in pursuit of an investment.


Connecting with locals can create a reliable source for relationship and networking. Getting to know the locals on a personal, social basis can help anyone with potential advice based on their experience with the community that the investment will be based around. Preparing for “red tape” or regulations in the market is another item that everyone who is interested in investing should inquire. “Those who make informed decisions and put the work in are the ones who will see the big payoffs in the end,” says Igor Cornelsen. (Igor Cornelson, PR Newswire, 31 Dec. 2014, Accessed 9 Feb. 2017. Also, the importance of understating the policies that are put in place at the financial institutions are key to making a profitable investment. “There’s no such thing as free money,” Cornelsen points out. (Igor Cornelson, PR Newswire, 31 Dec. 2014, Accessed 9 Feb. 2017.


Currently, Igor Cornelsen works with the Bainbridge Group and works as a consultant, for both the banking industry, and the investing market. With his experience in banking and international investment, Igor Cornelsen has offered many potential investors with advice on how to successfully maneuver the market. Now that he is a consultant for Bainbridge Group, Igor Cornelsen lives in South Florida and pursues golf.