Jason Hope Wants To Fund the Research that Reverses Aging:

Jason Hope is a philanthropist from Scottsdale Arizona. He is a huge proponent of research in the area of anti-aging. In support of this research, he has made major donations to anti-aging research organization SENS. Diseases and other health issues are rampant across humanity but the one common ailment that affects the entirety of the human race is aging. Disease is also a huge cause of aging. As a person ages, they become more susceptible to disease. SENS makes a huge part of its research revolve around finding solutions to the diseases that contribute to aging. Conditions such as cancer, arthritis and high blood pressure are all associated with aging and SENS strives to find a way to end these issues rather than taking the traditional approach medicine has used of combating the symptoms.

These diseases that tend to spring forward as a person ages have impacts on entire communities and drastically reduce the quality of the person’s life. Jason Hope contributes to organizations like SENS because it embraces a different approach to combating these issues. Jason Hope wants to see aging slowed down and reversed rather than medicated. He has supported groups like SENS for a number of years and made his first donation to the organization in 2010 when he provided $500 thousand. SENS focusses its program on biotechnology as a way to find new approaches to treating and preventing the diseases that reduce the quality of human life.

SENS study’s living organisms and organic systems to develop new products that improve human life. The organization also works for the improvement of agricultural methods, food production and increasing understanding of medicine and its uses combating disease.

SENS Research Foundation was founded in 2009 by Aubrey de Grey. Its mission is to research into programs designed to combat aging and learn more about it. SENS defines its mission as aiming to “transform the way the world researches and treats age-related disease. SENS also gives funding to promising organizations doing similar research and has funded programs at academic powerhouse institutions such a the University of Arizona, Cambridge, Yale and Harvard.

Jason Hope supports this amazing research because the conventional health sector has not spent enough time researching in this critical area. He wants to facilitate the work that needs to be done. The end results of the important research being done by SENS could mean a new dawn for the human race.

Jason Hope’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope