Jeff Herman Keeps It Real

Jeff Herman is an attorney that has devoted his career to protecting sexually exploited victims. Often, children are the ones that are sexually exploited the most. Jeff Herman is dedicated to making parents aware of this very important fact. Jeff Herman is all about keeping it real. Parents must realize that their kids face a lot of hidden danger online and offline. Clearly, the first step in keeping kids safe is to make the parents aware of the dangers. The second step to keeping kids safe is for the parents to make their kids aware of the dangers too.

Teach Your Kids To Recognize Abuse
Surprisingly, the majority of kids do not exactly understand sexual abuse. This fact makes your child an easy target for a child predator. Teach your kids the signs of inappropriate behavior from an adult. Keep the lines of communication open. Let your child know that they can come to you with questions about abusive or inappropriate behavior from an adult or other kids.

Start Young
Some parents assume that their kids are too young to learn about sexual abuse or child predators. Think again. Predators are always on the hunt for young and naive victims. Start talking to your child at an early age about their body. Let them know that another stranger or adult does not have the right to touch their body. This is very inappropriate. Teach them the difference between acceptable adult behavior towards a child and inappropriate behavior towards a child.

Learn To Say No
At one time, parents would say always mind your elders. Today, parents must realize that there are bad people in the world that would love a parent to say always mind your elders. Teach your kids that they have the right to say “NO” to an adult, especially if they feel that they are exhibiting inappropriate behavior towards them.

Get Real
It’s time for parents to get real. Teach your kids that even a teacher, clergy, policeman, neighbor, or other adult might display inappropriate behavior. Let them know that those people and others do not have the right to touch them.

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