Lori Senecal Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners

Lori Senecal was recently named a partner at K. Bond and Partners. The new appointment leaves her position as president of McCann-Erickson vacant. She joins the new firm as a chief executive officer in addition to being named as partner. The founding partners of the firm, Mr. Kirshenbaum and Bond will take a backseat and concentrate on incubation of new ventures while Ms. Senecal will take charge of the daily management of the company. Ms. Senecal replaces Aaron Reitkopf, who was CEO for two years at the agency that manages marketing accounts worth $700 million for multinational firms like BMW, Panasonic and Diageo. The firm has 300 employees in its work force. For more details visit Fast Company.


Lori’s Contribution


According to cpbgroup the company said that it was hiring Ms. Senecal due to her experience, a high level of expertise and a wide breadth of knowledge. It hopes that her input will enhance both effectiveness and reputation of the firm as well as its clients. Lori’s departure has increased the woes at McCann’s pioneer U.S office, which has had a rough year after losing key accounts it held for Microsoft. McCann’s other client, General Motors, has been in a crisis too. Her replacement will be internally recruited. Before her appointment as president of McCann, she was serving as McCann’s chief innovation officer and also global director of the firm’s content integration. Ms. Senecal is lauded for infusing youthful energy into McCann and increasing its stand in the global marketing world. Check out inspirery.com to see more.



Lori Senecal’s Profile


Lori Senecal is an experienced and highly qualified company executive with excellent track record of excellent leadership and success. She is a graduate of McGill University and former president at the McCann Erickson new office in New York. Ms. Senecal has worked at Coca-Cola as well as Xbox, where she was instrumental in creating successful and catchy advertisements. Lori Senecal is well known for her innovative and creative ideas. She has delivered excellent and innovative work for several high profile clients including American Express, Vanguard and HomeGoods. Ms. Senecal is also known for coming up with unique adverts and has a high ability to focus on the challenges she is faced with.





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