Maggie Gill–CEO of Memorial Health–Projects Enthusiasm and Forefront of Thought in All of Her Undertakings:

Maggie Gill serves as the popular CEO of Memorial Health. Gill is a good example of what leadership is all about. She serves the health community with the utmost dedication in the beautiful Savannah, Georgia area. It is true that Gill serves with absolute consistency in addressing the needs of the senior populace; and the general working persons of Savannah, Georgia. Her leadership, over the years, at MUMC, has proved tremendous in impacting the level of service and care within the healthcare sector.


Many believe it is Gill’s sincere attribute of compassion, coupled with her intelligence in orchestrating cost-savings mechanisms that maintains their overall quality of health.


Gill firmly believes in the elements associated with preventative medicine. She partners, with healthcare providers, such as Eon Health, in order to assure that the healthiest of lifestyles are achieved, and should the need arise, the healthcare customers’ needs are adequately covered. The text that follows provides more on the career history of the illustrious CEO:


Maggie Gill came on board with Memorial University Medical Center, known by its acronym, too, MUMC, as Vice President of Finance and Managed Care. She made this move in 2004. She moved into the positon of COO in 2005. Maggie Gill was named Memorial Health’s President and CEO in 2011.


It goes without saying that Gill is instrumental in providing firm leadership to all of the vice presidents, physician leaders as well as senior vice presidents at the healthcare institution.


Maggie Gill is also directly responsible in overseeing and holding relationships with governmental entities, the internal audit function; the MHUP—which stands for Memorial Health University Physicians; and the Orthopedic and Neuroscience Programs.


Ms. Gill, also provides leadership in way of the Heart & Vascular Institute, the Financial Assistance area, Perioperative Services; Corporate Communications sections; Facilities Management and Trauma Services.


It is well worth noting that Maggie Gill is not afraid to step up to the plate when it comes to varying levels of responsibility and intensity. She remains exceptional within her league of leadership; as is evidenced by all of the areas she runs so smoothly.


Maggie Gill, prior to her becoming associated with the healthcare team, at MUMC, spent five years of her career as the CFO of the Tenet South Florida Health system. When working for the Tenet South Florida Health system, Maggie Gill received the “Outstanding CFO” award on three occasions. Gill worked at Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah, Florida; Coral Gables Hospital, in Coral Gables, Florida and North Shore Medical Center in Miami, during her tenure with the Tenet South Florida Health system.


Her academic history is equally as impressive as her career progression. Gill earned a bachelor’s degree with honors from Florida State University. She earned an MBA with honors from Saint Leo University in Florida. Ms. Gill has completed courses at the Wharton School in Strategic Thinking and Management.


Maggie Gill provides reliable and effective leadership. She is dependable, intelligent and most of all she is a “CEO with a Heart“. Outside providers, the internal staff at MUMC and the Savannah, Georgia community welcome exceptional leadership, with regard to their healthcare directive. It is apparent, with regard to what is evidenced within the preceding text that Ms. Gill and her distinguished healthcare team fit the expectations of the healthcare community quite nicely.

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