Malcolm CasSelle – Simplifying the Virtual Marketplace

Michael CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins, which is a pioneer and prominent bitcoin dealer across the world and a trader of items for virtual games.

Serving internationally located clients generated a clamor for reorganization of payments for items that are purchased online which are needed for virtual games. And while OPSkins in considered the leading trade place for online generated assets its capacity to perform decentralization functions has a limitation for the assets involved in the trade.

The makers of OPSkins are preparing to launch a new system for the procurement and sales of virtually made assets in the form of WAX – also known as Worldwide Asset eXhange. WAX is a P2P or peer-to-peer retail exchange that is done online where assets with a virtual nature are formed and traded using a blockchain that is regionalize where buyers and sellers are able to transact effectively together.

According to Malcolm Cassele, WAX provides the answer to two vital concerns that are present within the sector of virtual assets which are fragmentation and fraud. The WAX solves fragmentation and fraud by incorporating a mechanical blockchain gadget that permits all types of users to instantaneously buy and sell virtual item products without having to remove or exit their existing games.

The current transaction exchange of computer generated assets has a patchwork of local and regional trade markets which from the beginning have problems in terms of processing payments, including language and security dilemmas that hinders certain countries or regions from completing online transactions. The ideal means to settle this particular matter is to construct a blockchain that is presently applied via the WAX token.

The WAX will correspondingly solve problems that arise from different locations around the globe. Therefore, when a particular user performs a transaction on the apps that does not make use of the common or regular token, WAX will take the place of a standard legal tender that is common among all users. As such the WAX structure allows group of international buyers and sellers to pass into the international pool of virtual products while eliminating financial risks that users often encounter within the market for virtual goods and services.

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