Malcolm CasSelle – Video Game Entrepreneur Creates WAX

Malcolm CasSelle has made a living off video games, and he’s not a developer, he’s not an investor, he is an innovator. CasSelle is a graduate of both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford. It was there, in two of the most prestigious schools in the country, that he achieved his knowledge of computer science and blockchain technologies. He assists in the operations of one of the most popular third-party video game marketplaces in the world. Players of first person survival and first person shooter games have been using OPSkins for years to purchase and sell cosmetic skins for their knives and guns.

Malcolm CasSelle has taken one step further into the world of virtual asset training. He has created a system called WAX that he hopes will expand to include not only all different types of video games, but also virtual goods that have nothing to do with gaming. By using WAX, CasSelle intends for even competitors of his other company, OPSkins, to have to resort to using WAX. WAX enables the use of several different types of cryptocurrencies and country currencies in one place, and makes it possible for merchants to effortlessly post their goods on multiple sites at once – assuming they all use WAX.

When a person decides to begin using WAX, they will receive a universal widget for their desktop. Everything you need to do can be handled from this overlay and it can even be used while you are gaming. With WAX, you won’t have to close your screen or wait hours at a time for your transactions to complete.

About Malcolm CasSelle

After CasSelle finished his education, he founded a company called Netnoir, a media company and one of the first of its kind. He then moved on to a company called Xfire. Xfire was a specialized community for video game fans. The platform brought together news, video streaming, customized profiles and a number of other features way before other companies like Twitch and Steam were invented.