Michael Terpins’Off-Road Rally Victory

Brazilian rally driver, Michael Terpins is a celebrated athlete globally. He has achieved numerous victories in his career as a driver. Michael Terpins first victory was made when he, and his co-driver, Justo finished the Sertoes Rally on May 26. The race occurred in Bonito in Mato Grosso do Sul. They emerged Prototype T1 champions as he was ranked amongst the top five fastest rally drivers of all time. Michael states that the race was not a walk in the park. They had to work harder in order to attain the fifth position.

Michael Terpins victory came when he participated in the first (25thedition) race of the Sertoes rally edition. This was after he had debuted in the motorcycle category in 2002. After the debut, he decided to quit the motorcycle race to join his brother in the cars category. During this time, Michael had a chance to prove his piloting abilities. Within no time, he had already conquered as he managed to outshine various participants in the Brazilian cross rally championship. His brother Rodrigo Terpins had developed a strong passion for the race as with the off-road drives. They, therefore, merged to form a brother’s rally team, Bull Sertoes Rally Team. The newly formed team was firm and full of strategy. According to Michael Terpins, his passion for speed has been the cause of his success, and with the team on board, he was sure of great results in future.

The first two stages were however just a beginning for Michael. With the third stage considered as the toughest, he was ready to tackle it as well. Unlike before, according to him, the race was full of numerous challenges such as erosion and depressions. With full confidence, he managed to cruise through and eventually broke another record. The MEM team developed the T-Rex, which was an added advantage to his victory. According to the sources, the T-Rex was built just for Michael Terpins’ for participation in the seventh edition Sertoes Rally. In addition, Michael Terpins together with his co-driver received a carbon-free seal. This was issued by the green initiative as compensation for air pollution by the CO2 emitted by the vehicle. The compensation was to be held by planting trees.