NewsWatch TV Segment Review For Avanca Results in Massive Exposure

Avanca is an international company that produces innovative tech accessories for smartphones, laptops and tablets. They created a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for their newest product, the Ockel Sirius B Pocket PC and needed to reach a goal of $10,000 in only 30 days. Avanca needed a way to heavily promote their new pocket PC and contacted the NewsWatch team to help them achieve their goal. NewsWatch TV produced and aired a professionally made promotional segment that lasted one minute. It reached to more than 96 million households nationwide and was seen in over 200 U.S. Markets. The NNewsWatch team also created an online marketing campaign that received over a million impressions online. Avanca made out nicely all due to NewsWatch TV and raised a total of $456,551 on Indiegogo.

NewsWatch TV is an award-winning syndicated U.S. television series that first aired in 1990. The 30-minute show features many segments that showcases upcoming mobile apps, app reviews, consumer electronic reviews, celebrity interviews, breaking technology news, breaking government and medical news. NewsWatch TV is broadcasted weekly on ION Television and bi-monthly on AMC Network. The show has reached to more than 700 million people in the United States over twenty-five years of broadcasting.

The series is hosted by Andrew Tropeano, who has over a decade of experience in journalism and Michelle Ison, who serves as a co-host and producer. NewsWatch TV also has special reports from Susan Bridges, Scott Steinberg and Amanda Forstrom. In 2017, NewsWatch TV won both Gold and Platinum Marcom Awards for their overall show. They also secured a Videographer Award for their excellent work in an entertainment program in 2017. The original format solely discussed financial issues and breaking financial news. In 2011, NewsWatch TV started featuring a Tech Report segment that reviewed and discussed consumer technologies.