Nick Vertucci provides training and mentorship on real estate through his academy

Nick Vertucci is a great real estate investor who serves as the CEO and the founder of NV Companies. The company’s headquarters are in Orange County, California. Unlike most of other businesspeople, Nick Vertucci’s journey to entrepreneurship began differently. Nick is a retired law enforcement officer who worked at the Huntington Beach. Besides his duties as a law enforcement officer, Nick was a businessman who dealt with computer supplies. Nick has a wealth of experience in real estate where he began by purchasing bank owned properties and also helping other individuals to own homes.

Nick had some nasty experiences while he was growing up. He was forced to begin entrepreneurship to cater to his needs and that of his family at a tender age. His businesses were doing well until the major economic crisis that hit institutions and businesses in the last decade. Nick’s business was among the unlucky that went down with the economic meltdown. He was devastated since he had no other source of income to keep him going.

As he tried to ponder on what to do, a friend invited him to a real estate workshop that was going down in town. At first, he was reluctant, but he decided to give it a try. Attending the workshop was one of the best decisions that for Nick Vertucci. He learned so many things during the workshop and decided to implement them on the ground. Nick was so successful in real estate, and he decided to share his knowledge with other people so that they could as well become successful.

Nick established a real estate academy whose main focus is to enlighten and educate individuals on how to succeed in the real estate business. Nowadays, Nick travels throughout the country where he holds workshops and attends conferences to train and mentor real estate investors.

Through his academy, Nick teaches individuals on various aspects of real estate that include property buying tips, selling and renovating tips. He offers to his audience tip that he has tried and perfected over the time. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was established in 2013, and it now holds workshops across the U.S.