O2pur Entrance In The E-Cig Market

The world of traditional cigarette smoking is slowing being washed away and at a first pace. What is responsible for this is the entrance of the E-cigs. The E-cigs rely on a new technology that allows customers to sip in their daily dose of nicotine without having to burn the real tobacco. Companies such as British American Tobacco, Philip Morris, and Reynolds-American are the big players in the e-cig market with each trying to get the more significant piece of the market share.

Philip Morris, for instance, has made great strides in the electronic cigarettes market with its IQOS device. The device resembles a pen and allows for a cigarette to be inserted in it. This device works in a way that users can use the flavored e-liquid rather than the real tobacco. Reynolds-American has also not being left behind as they also have delivered in their unique way with its Vuse E-cig product, which has performed tremendously well earning it a big brand tag in the United States. Another of its previously successful brand is the Blu E-cig which also did well in the market.

British American Tobacco has also done its bit of tapping into this lucrative market. With its iFuse glo product, the company is relying on its newly developed technology know as heat-not-burn which burns that heats the real tobacco into vapor which the user sniffs in.

But now, there is a new market entrant the O2Pur. O2Pur is a company that has now tapped in the e-cig market with several of its e-cig products. The Alpha Vending, LLC Company that manufactures it uses a technology that gives smokers the opportunity to have a free-smoke feel. It mainly comes in the form of a Vape system. The O2Pur offers users the pleasant smell, no smoke and an easy to use time. The different company products come with a free starter kit.

In a nutshell, the E-cig market is growing ever big and more people warming up to the whole new smoking technology. It is anticipated that more E-cigs products will continue to grace the market as the manufacturers try to get hold of the more significant piece of the market share.