End Citizens United: Raising Donations From Members

End Citizens United has been calling for change and reform in the government of the United States ever since they were established. The organization, founded March 1, 2015, is one of the most influential groups in the United States today. They have been protesting the corruption in the government, and their main goal is to stop the ruling of the United States Supreme Court favoring corporations and businesspeople. The group was created in order to counter Citizens United, a group created years earlier which was responsible for the landmark ruling of the United States Supreme Court. The ruling was released in 2010, and it involves Citizens United and the Federal Electoral Council. Back then, Citizens United has challenged the provision of the Federal Electoral Council. According to the Federal Electoral Council, corporations should not be allowed to openly express who they wanted to support for any election in the United States.

However, Citizens United saw this as a violation of the constitution, so they seek the help of the United States Supreme Court in order to have a final judgment on the issue. After deliberation, the United States Supreme Court agreed that corporations and similar business establishments are considered to be an individual, and they have the right to support the candidate of their choice.

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According to End Citizens United, since the ruling was released, billionaires and the corporations that they own have changed and influenced the results of the election in the United States. End Citizens United added that these billionaires are using their wealth and power to change the result of the election by paying off media conglomerates who would like to conspire with them, and then brainwashing the public in the process. End Citizens United is also furious to the fact that the billionaires and their corporations have the right to remain silent on the amount of money that they have given their supported candidates. End Citizens United see this is a form of corruption and a deterioration of transparency in the elections being held in the United States.

End Citizens United has called upon all of their supporters to donate any amount of money to fund their cause. They wanted to change how the elections are being conducted, so they asked their members and those who believe in them to donate. The public also wanted to experience change, and in such a short amount of time, End Citizens United managed to collect the fund that they need. Earlier this year, End Citizens United has already collected up to $4 million. This outstanding feat by End Citizens United can be shadowed by the forecast coming from the experts that if this trend of giving continues, End Citizens United can possibly raise up to $35 million in the year 2018. This will come in handy because another election will be held by that time, and End Citizens United is expecting even a small change happening because of their campaigns and causes.

Visit endcitizensunited.org for more information about the group.

Fabletics Are Keeping it Real and Fabulous

Friendly, unique or even attentive. Feeling like you have just returned from a house of friends or family, being valued for coming in and just being different than the ordinary businesses around you.


Smart Advertising for Fabletics


As the advertising and sales pioneer St. Elmo Lewis said: “The mission of an advertisement is to attract a reader” and picking out three good values that represent the company and later establishing conducting business that supports these values can be very helpful in the journey of branding or re-branding a business. It is useful when new products come out.


One of those aspects that should not be taken lightly and definitely shouldn’t be treated like a joke. Surely, people wouldn’t treat something as important as a joke you say? Well, there have been hiccups and examples in the world of branding.


Creating a meaningful relationship with clients and make it long-lasting will raise the value of the brand, so make the values understandable for the customer base.


Nothing else but the experience and happiness of your customers matter in the end. The way they feel when they interact with your business and the overall experience people take away once they leave will define the brand for them.


Personal Brand for Everybody Not the Few


That is exactly what brands like Fabletics have done with their product. Launched in 2013 Fabletics have been upping their game all the time. Katie Hopkins for most people is just an actress, and she doesn’t have a business degree.


But she was involved in every single aspect of creating the brand and enjoys the 200% rise in revenue. It equals 235 million dollars.


More than one million paying members appreciate the brand now. They have created stylish sportswear from quality materials. The positive reviews are still coming in, and it is one of the driving aspects of any good business. It attracts new clients as well.


People read reviews way more than they used to. Advertising is changing as an area that business needs to put some money in. A good business also means building relationships with the customers, and Fabletics so far are doing a good job of it.


The Interaction Matters


Their website is easy to use, and it even has a little Life Quiz people can fill out to find which kind of Fabletics outfit suits them. There are different options for different amounts of exercise, so picking the right one is easier this way. This little interactive thing makes shopping slightly more enjoyable. Companies that create this back and forth game for their customers are the ones moving the market.


People come back because they enjoy this kind of personal approach and value the high standards the company set out to follow. Kate Hudson set out to create athleisure sportswear she would love to use herself. It is always a more personal approach, and customers value that.


Many companies scoff at spending money on that kind of bonding, and it probably wouldn’t work in a massive factory. However, smaller businesses who are trying to present to values should look into investing money in something the whole team can do together.

Groups That Advocates for Civil, Human and Migrant Rights

Human rights ought to be guarded. Every person is entitled to a decent and a peaceful life. Over the years, the violence of the civil and human rights has been on the rise. The migrants have been mistreated, and their rights violated. But various groups have come up to advocate for the human, migrants and civil rights. Below are the groups;

1] Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

It is an organization that was founded by the journalists Jim and Michael. Their aim was to support the migrant rights organizations based in the Arizona. It got established in the year 1970. Being the only journalist in those days, Jim Larkin and Michael got arrest and jailed for writing and advertising.

Jim and Michael are the co-founders of the Village Voice Media and the Phoenix. They received a total of #3.75 million as a court settlement from the arrest in 2007. They have dedicated their lives and funds in financing the immigrant’s right foundations.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has been on the forefront in advocating the freedom of speech, civic participation as well as civil, migrant and human rights.

2] The Coalition for Humane and Immigrant Rights

It is abbreviated as CHIRLA. It is an influential group based in California that helps in fighting for immigrant individuals and families. The primary agenda is to have an all-inclusive society, even for the immigrants. The group was formed after the 1986 act, under the Immigration Reform and Control Act. The Act made it legit to employ undocumented workers.

3] The Arizona Project Justice

The mission of this group is to represent the inmates who have gone through unjust treatments. It could be the inmates have diseases or life-threatening illness, claim to be innocent, and they are not getting proper treatments and justice. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Time

The Arizona Project Justice believes that denial of justice to anyone has an impact on the whole society. The group works closely with the pro bono lawyers, the law schools in Arizona and the expert investigators; in ensuring that justice is served to the indigent.

4] The Advocates for Human Rights

The primary agenda of Advocates for Human Rights is to help in the implementation of the International human rights standards; with the aim of promoting civil society and the reinforcement of the rule of law.

The group has involved volunteers in research, advocacy and education. It is to ensure that it builds broad constituencies in the USA and other selected global communities.

5] The Amazon Watch

It is a non-profit organization that got founded in the year 1996. The mission is to protect the rainforest and also to advance the lives and rights of the indigenous people living in the Amazon Basin. The group partner with the environmental organizations in campaigns for human rights. It calls for corporate accountability in the preservation of the Amazon ecosystems.

Protecting, respecting and facilitation of the human, civil and migrant rights is the primary objective of these groups. Every person deserves to be heard, served with justice and respect, despite the background or social status.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

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Lacey and Larkin Expose First Amendment Violations and Racism with Frontera Fund and Front Page Confidential

Founded in 2017, Front Page Confidential is Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s latest journalistic effort, focusing particularly on the First Amendment and the fact that its importance seems to be declining in the eyes of significant political figures. Front Page Confidential is edited by Tom Finkel. The two activists and journalists have also launched the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to benefiting the Hispanic community of Arizona.

Both of these efforts were created in response to the crimes of Joe Arpaio, a former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. Arpaio, a longtime supporter of Donald Trump, was pardoned by the president in August. The law had finally caught up to Arpaio when he was convicted of misdemeanor criminal contempt in Melendres v. Arpaio, but President Trump showed that part of his attempt to make America great involves ignoring racism by pardoning the former sheriff. Arpaio is now running for the Arizona Senate, and his corruption is clear even in relation to his Senate run – he has blatantly stated that his “one unwavering reason” for running for Senate is to support Donald Trump’s mission to “make America great again”.

Lacey and Larkin are vehement opponents of Arpaio after they were arrested in October of 2007 for one reason – writing for a newspaper that opposed Arpaio. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals called it a clear first amendment violation and ruled the subpoenas that had been served on Lacey and Larkin invalid. This ruling later resulted in Maricopa County paying Lacey and Larkin a $3.7 million dollar settlement in 2013, money that Lacey and Larkin used for the founding of the Frontera Fund. Front Page Confidential has dedicated itself to exposing first amendment violations by Trump and those who support him, as well as highlighting the sham that is Arpaio’s run for Senate.


The Financial Success of Igor Cornelsen

Those who know about Igor Cornelsen understand that he is a financially successful businessman. He has advice for people when it comes to the Brazilian stock market and business. He is able to describe the nature of the industry and what it takes to succeed in it.

He is also knowledgeable about other methods of earning. Among the methods that he talks about are passive income and active income. Learn more about Igor Cornelson:  https://igorcornelsen.wordpress.com/ and http://igorcornelsen.tripod.com/

One of the best approaches for people who are starting out is to do a combination of both. One of the reasons that both approaches are good is that active income is not going to work for the person once he stops working. At the same time, passive income is not going to be able to build itself without the initial investment that comes from active income.

Igor Cornelsen is also a successful Brazilian Banker. He is willing to lay out the secrets to successful banking so that other bankers can follow. After all, it is easy for banks to fail when they make the wrong financial choices. Read more:Adicione uma descrição a este tópico


Igor states that the best way to stay above in any market condition is to only lend to borrowers that are worthy of credit. After all, the most important thing to make sure is that the person who is borrowing is going to be able to repay.

Igor Cornelsen supports the idea of putting up regulations for banks when market conditions become bad or uncertain. After all, this is one of the reasons that the banks have turned out to be prosperous in Brazil when banks in other countries have failed.

They have taken the time to impose and enforce regulations. Igor has managed to work with those regulations so that he can succeed as an investor in times when the economy is not so great.

New Lime Crime Products That Will Bring Color to Your Style

Lime Crime is a cosmetics line and business founded by the successful CEO Doe Deere. Lime Crime is notorious for its colorful, vibrant and unique products specifically made with the intent to create artistic expression and accentuate individuality. Additionally, for those who are wondering, all the products are vegan and cruelty-free. Below are some fantastic new products introduced recently by Deere’s company:

New Unicorn Hair Shades:

These highly pigmented semi-permanent hair dyes have always been a hit in the Lime Crime cosmetics line. The colors in the line are rich and there are many different shades to accommodate all beauty desires. They do little damage to hair since they do not contain ammonia, peroxide or bleach, and fade gracefully over time with each wash. Some newly released shades of Unicorn Hair include: “Tweet”, a bubbly, vibrant, and cartoony Tweety Bird-like yellow, “Cloud”, a delicate and elegant periwinkle blue, “Kawaii”, a cute anime-like pink, “Bubble-Gum Rose”, a sassy and fiery pinkish red, “Mint Ice”, a cool and refreshing light green, “Moonchild”, an enchanting fairy-like purple, “Aesthetic”, a classy mauve, and “Valentine”, a heart-throbbing, crimson red. All the colors are beautiful and can be used easily by beginners as well as professionals. You can even combine your favorite Unicorn Hair shades to create a your own signature look.

Diamond Crushers:

These lip toppers are one of a kind with their iridescent look. Anyone who strives to sparkle like a diamond will fall in love with this product line. This revolutionary topper uses prismatic technology and is advised to use over bare lips or even over lipstick. However, you can also use it on any other part of your face you think needs the effect of wearing diamonds. Another little perk of the product is its sweet strawberry scent. The new shades include, “Unicorn”, a lavender shade with a rainbow shimmer, “Heirloom”, a ruby color with a pink glitter, “Gemini”, a maroon base with a blue duochrome shine, “L.A”, a sunset and orange glow, and “Summer”, a sparkling peach tint.

Why End Citizen Is A Force To Reckon In U.S.A

End Citizen United was formed on 1st March 2015. It is a political Action Committee that is dedicated to reforming the campaign finance system. The organization is based in Washington and is funded by grassroots donors. The organization is dedicated to countering the impact caused by citizens united that created an avenue for people to spend unlimited amount of money in American elections.

End Citizens United supports democrats who advocate for reforms in the campaign finance system. They support candidates who are vulnerable to attacks by corporates and mega donors. The reason why the organization supports democrats is because of the dedication they have shown towards changing the leadership of America as compared to the Republicans. The president of End Citizen United is Tiffany Muller. She recently endorsed Heinrich who has promised to put an end to elections corporate spending. Their main argument is that corporations are not people, and that the system is allowing individuals to buy their way to top government positions.

End Citizen United believes that there should be transparency in the spending for politics and to do so, they do filings with Federal Elections Commission. This transparency is helpful as it motivates the organization’s donors to continue supporting it. The board of directors of End Citizens United constitutes of top leaders who are committed to the main agenda of the organization.

Within the first three months of its formation, End Citizen United raised over $4 million. It has further projected that by the time we have the Congress 2018 midterm elections, it will have raised not less than $ 35 million. An estimate of one hundred thousand donors provided funds for the PAC within the first four months since beginning of the year. One of the main factors that motivate the donors is the fact that most of them feel rigged by the existing system especially since their individual candidate are not able to raise large amounts of money. The election of President Donald Trump made them both unhappy and uncomfortable thus the need to raise more money to fight the agenda of his administration that is not suitable for them.

End Citizen United has an estimate of 330,000 donors in America. Recently, the firm raised $ 1.4 million for their candidate Jon Ossoff who is running for election at 6th Congressional District. The members are not only Americans, the Mexicans at the border who support the Democrats have also joined them.

It is important to note that End Citizen United works as a domestic PAC and consequently, it does not accept donations that are more than $5000 from each individual donor. The organization is currently examining the most suitable groups to work with in 2018.

Dental Health with MB2 Dental and Dr. Akhil Reddy

MB2 Dental Solutions is a Texas-based and recognized dental solutions provider which offers its services as a partner to several of its affiliate practices and dentists. In general, the group focuses on providing the necessary expertise combined with personalized systems to deal with nonclinical operations. The centering of non-clinical services is made to assist dental practitioners to concentrate on offering sufficiently satisfying dental care to their clients in addition to promoting guided decision-making. As a dental management organization owned and run by dentists, MB2 comprehends the needs and challenges of dentists. Some of the nonclinical areas of focus in the dental management field provided by the entity include, but not limited to, training, human resources, account and finance, compliance, business management, credentialing, and business management.

Other than the core services, MB2 Dental Solutions has missioned to make it easier for engaging dentists to tap and benefit from its network, thanks to their efficient subscription service and advanced delivery systems. Throughout the years, to entity’s ability in cultivating doctor loyalty as well as the provision of unparalleled expertise has propagated its growth to 70 affiliated locations in over six states. Notably, Dr. Akhil Reddy is among the most accomplished dentists in the organization. He serves at the JustHealth510, which is based in Oakland, California, as the director of the non-profit institution. Akhil is also a partner dentist at the Dallas, Texas-based West Lovers Dental in addition to being a Committee Member for the California Dental Association.

Dr. Akhil Reddy joined both the California Dental Association and West Lovers Dental in 2016. At the latter institution, Akhil and his skilled team provide several specialized treatments including cosmetic dentistry, Orthodontic dentistry, dental implants, and porcelain veneers placement among others. The practice utilizes nouveau dental technologies to facilitate the comfort of the patients during treatment. Akhil Reddy is an alumnus of the famed University of the Pacific, California. He got his first degree in 2005 which was a bachelor of science in biology and later a D.D.S. in Dentistry from the School of Dentistry at the University of the Pacific in 2008. All through Akhil’s professional career, he has earned various accolades including the Michael J. Minch Award for his outstandingly excellent work in undergraduate research and study. Outside of dentistry, Akhil has a taste for good fine wine. Among his favorite inexpensive French wines includes Haut Medoc, Chateau Haut Bernasse Le Cos Monbazillac, Chateau d’ Aiguilhe, and Chateau Beaumont. Dr. Akhil Reddy has a particular focus on those French wines with a rich scent and smooth taste, but still on the budget.

Alexandre Gama: Choosing The Right Advertising Professional

Are you looking for a reputable advertising consultant or marketing firm to handle your business promotions? Need to promote or advertise your business or brand in Brazil? Perhaps you have heard about Alexandre Gama, one of Brazil’s most reputable advertising consultants.

Alexandre Gama is well recognized as an advertising and marketing consultant in Brazil. He has been in business for many years and his clients come from a wide variety of industries. Alexandre Gama receives positive reviews for his outstanding services and numerous organizations, entrepreneurs and other enterprises rely on him for advice and guidance. If you want to enlist the services of a trusted advertising consultant, then contact Alexandre Gama.

As a highly knowledgeable marketing and advertising consultant, Alexandre Gama can help you convey your advertising message to the right audience and increase sales and profits. He has a proven track record in the industry and he can help you attain the success you desire.

Alexandre Gama has the resources and industry connection to get your business or brand noticed in the marketplace. Getting your message to your target audience effectively is absolutely essential for success and that’s what Alexandre Gama can do for you.

To get started on your way to advertising success and business growth, you need to schedule a consultation with Alexandre Gama. He will want to review your advertising project and determine the best way to handle the marketing, promotions and advertising and get you the result you desire.

For more information about Alexandre gama, just click here.

OSI Group President Mr. David McDonald

For thirty years, Mr. McDonald has held different leadership positions at OSI Industries, and he currently serves as OSI Chairman and President. The company is a privately owned global food processor headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. His career journey and that of OSI Industries has been a successful tale. David has seen the company grow from one level of growth to another although he admits that he cannot speak on behalf of the company’s original vision at inception. What he took over is the responsibility of chairing a company with huge growth appetite. David propelled OSI’s humble beginnings of serving nationwide localities from whence he took over to what it is today, a Premier Global Food Provider.

David’s educational background

David is an Iowa State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science (specialty in Animal Science). This impressive and vigorous background made him the best suitable candidate at OSI in 1987. His thirty year’s experience as a leader and manager in this global food processor together with his educational credentials have also earned him a post as chairman and key board of directors member at North American Meat Institute.

Chief skills

When you talk International Business, David has proven his maturity in this field over and over. A record 30 years spent in a global company plus he hopes to achieve force to reckon. In his resume, David mentions a set of 48 skills up his sleeve. However, there are 15 which are outstanding, and they include:
-food processing
-product development
-strategic planning
-new business development
-supply chain management
-operations management

David’s most remarkable moves at OSI

OSI’s global ventures stem with homebound branches across America and the global ones in China and Europe. The company has been operational in China for over 20 years with eight operational factories and two on the way. In China, OSI’s chief clients are Yum, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Papa John’s, Saizeriya, Subway and Burger King.

Another of OSI’s successful venture was the acquisition of Baho Foods food processing company with five subsidiaries across Netherlands and Germany. All these subsidiaries have been in operation for almost 60 years and are famed for their history in serving a variety of customers in 18 European countries.

Baho Foods gave OSI a prominent stake within European borders, and from David’s perspective, it was a growth move worth the taking

These Are Some of the Victories of Avaaz

Avaaz, founded around ten years ago, has a single stated goal: To close the gap between the world that we have and the world that we want. Only five years after it was established, The Guardian called it the most powerful and the largest online activist group in the world. They help everyone take part in an issue, so that something big can come about from something small. A few people can band together to spread awareness about an issue, and this can explode into a worldwide effort to bring about change.

Thousands of people are volunteers for Avaaz. They work on six continents. They work in fifteen different languages. They work both offline and online to organize protests and petitions and to lobby governments to make improvements.

Avaaz has had many successes during the course of their existence. They were thanked by the head of the UN climate talks for their activism in supporting awareness about climate change. They have fought to keep the internet open to all and safe from government regulations and corporate interests. They were thanked for their effort in mobilizing support for a free internet by the President of the European Union, Martin Schulz. They have seriously improved conservation efforts for endangered marine animals. They have fought against efforts by Monsanto, a chemical giant, that would pollute and harm the environment. They have mobilized millions of dollars, euros, yen, etc for poor populations who needed help. They have led a revolution in Brazil against the corruption that is rampant there.