End Citizen United file compliant against Rick Scott

End Citizens United is a political organization. Recently, it went to the Federal Election Commission to file a complaint. According to the complaint, Rick Scott is using “unlawful” methods to support his senatorial campaign. In what they are calling a “super PAC,” they allege that Scott is circumnavigating the elections rules by using other means to engage in campaigns contribution. Already, he has surpassed the limits that have been set by the Federal Election Commission. So far, he has raised over $78 million for his campaigns.

The super PAC can raise as much and spend as much money as it can, but it should not be seen to work with any campaign team. PAC is supposed to contain and monitor elections contributions, but it seems to be working with Rick Scott to give him a head start. Before announcing that he would be running for the seat of the Senator, Scott was the chairman of the PAC. Clearly, he is working with the current leadership to violate the anti-coordination laws. PAC has already indicated that it is going to help him win the election which brings in the aspect that End Citizens United has raised.

According to the Director for End Citizens United, Rick Scott is hell-bent on winning the election even if it means violating the laws which are supposed to guide senatorial election. By channeling some of the money through the super PAC which is meant for presidential elections only, he is clearly violating the law. Mr. Adam Bozzi, the Communications Director, has indicated that PAC is helping him evade disclosure laws as well as helping him raise money illegally.

Although Rick Scott campaign has denied any possibility of getting favors from PAC, End Citizens United has gone further to table documents which show that Rick Scott has been working with PAC until recently. One of the evidence that they have tabled shows that the company has listed Rick Scott as the chairman on their website, although he left office earlier to run for the senatorial seat.

Rick Scott has shown that he cannot adhere to the laws which were put in place in order to remove big money from political competitions and the best way for the end citizens to is to defeat him at the ballot. The organization is also committed to pushing for a change in laws such that sources of donations can be revealed. The headquarters of this organization is in Washington DC.

End Citizens United ‘s  Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/EndCitizensUnitedPAC

MB2 Dental Brings In New Chief Financial Officer

Every company needs to have good leaders in place if the company is going to find success. MB2 Dental is careful about the employees that it brings in and about choosing those who will take on leadership roles in the company. This company recently brought in a new Chief Financial Officer, and they chose to hire someone who is qualified for the job.

Jackson Hildebrand was chosen as the Chief Financial Officer of MB2 Dental, and he has an important job before him. He will manage the finances of this company and of the 91 practices that the company supports. Jackson Hildebrand was chosen because he is an expert when it comes to finances and he appeared to be someone who was up for the challenge of working for the company and helping out the practices that rely on it for financial assistance.

Jackson Hildebrand spent time working for a private equity firm before he took on the job of Chief Financial Officer at MB2 Dental. He has shared that he always wanted to work for a company like MB2 Dental and to use his skills there. He is excited about the potential for growth that he sees with this company and he is anxious to help the company out as it moves forward. Jackson Hildebrand graduated with a BBA and a MA in Accounting through Texas A&M University. He is a married father of two children who is ready to take on the role that has been given to him.

For details: www.ziprecruiter.com/c/Mb2-Dental/Jobs

Jeff Herman Keeps It Real

Jeff Herman is an attorney that has devoted his career to protecting sexually exploited victims. Often, children are the ones that are sexually exploited the most. Jeff Herman is dedicated to making parents aware of this very important fact. Jeff Herman is all about keeping it real. Parents must realize that their kids face a lot of hidden danger online and offline. Clearly, the first step in keeping kids safe is to make the parents aware of the dangers. The second step to keeping kids safe is for the parents to make their kids aware of the dangers too.

Teach Your Kids To Recognize Abuse
Surprisingly, the majority of kids do not exactly understand sexual abuse. This fact makes your child an easy target for a child predator. Teach your kids the signs of inappropriate behavior from an adult. Keep the lines of communication open. Let your child know that they can come to you with questions about abusive or inappropriate behavior from an adult or other kids.

Start Young
Some parents assume that their kids are too young to learn about sexual abuse or child predators. Think again. Predators are always on the hunt for young and naive victims. Start talking to your child at an early age about their body. Let them know that another stranger or adult does not have the right to touch their body. This is very inappropriate. Teach them the difference between acceptable adult behavior towards a child and inappropriate behavior towards a child.

Learn To Say No
At one time, parents would say always mind your elders. Today, parents must realize that there are bad people in the world that would love a parent to say always mind your elders. Teach your kids that they have the right to say “NO” to an adult, especially if they feel that they are exhibiting inappropriate behavior towards them.

Get Real
It’s time for parents to get real. Teach your kids that even a teacher, clergy, policeman, neighbor, or other adult might display inappropriate behavior. Let them know that those people and others do not have the right to touch them.

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Source: http://releasefact.com/2018/04/jeff-herman-shares-tips-parents-protect-children-sexual-abuse/

Vinoid Gupta: Involvement in Education for Women and Brief General Information

The beginnings which were humble was something reflected on by prosperous multi-media named Vinod Gupta. He grew up in India in a small town where he learned lessons that would take him to the business world and find great triumph. Right now, he plays the role for the company Everest Group as a Managing General Partner. This is a separate office company that practices in giving services of consulting, private equity, and venture capital. It also includes those that are focused on database technology.

Gupta has a desire to give back to his hometown of Rampur Maniharan community. He did this by giving one million to the creation of “Ram Rati Gupta Polytechic”. This is a polytechnic school for women. It was founded in 2000. This school let a lot of women get in as fast as twenty0four months postgraduate degrees. When this school was created it had a center on controlling independent women from India’s triumph. This school has given out different ways of study in areas of web design, textile design, information technology, and computer applications.

On top of that Gupta has given funds to his hometown. This was to form a girl’s school there. There, he gave out everything like textbooks and buses to improve triumph of the school for girls of young ages. In the social past of women weren’t given with the exact opportunities of education as men of young age. Because of this the addition to closing gender gap of education in his community nearby. That was an actual vital stride to equality of gender. Vinod has given mention to his father for instilled the education value on Gupta when he was a kid. Due to that he has given thanks for the chance in garnishing the education that’s broad.

More on Vinod Gupta:



Mina Ebrahimi taking the reins of the hospitality industry through exceptional service

It is essential to celebrate milestone achievements in life or throw a party to have a good time. On such occasions when you want to treat people around you, either a simple luncheon, corporate dinner or just breakfast you can call on Saint Germain Catering. The catering company is owned by Mina Ebrahimi who started it back in 1998, at the time serving the Tysons Corner, VA market. Mina started out working in her parent’s bakery where she was attracted to the business of catering, and since then she has been one of the most successful professionals in the field.

Under her leadership, Saint German Catering has grown to be one of the largest catering companies in the US. This has made her named in the list of top 40 women under 40. Her company now has enough resources and workforce to handle more than 200 events in a single day comfortably. It also serves up to seven thousand clients everyday spread across Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. Mina Ebrahimi has ensured that her company offers a variety of menus including cuisine from all corners of the globe.

She makes sure that she supports local farmers by purchasing meat and cheese from the farmers around her area. Mina strongly believes in customer satisfaction, and she makes sure each of her clients is satisfied, regardless of the size of their events. According to Mina, her team does not compromise on quality, be it a private lunch for one person or a big wedding party for more than a thousand people.

More about Mina Ebrahimi

Through her company, Mina Ebrahimi supports many charitable initiatives and is a generous giver to the community. She has established the Mina Ebrahimi foundation which supports women entrepreneurs reach their goals by helping them access funding. Mina is a bid dog lover and has over the past years donated funds, directed to eliminate mammary cancer in dogs through the U Penn’s Tumor Research Program. Additionally, she supports, the Bite Me Cancer foundation, operation home front DC, Penn Vet Working Dog Center, ovarian cancer detection program, dog anesthesiology research and interventional paws.


A Loot At How Stephen Hicks Was Able To Establish Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is a private equity firm based out of Connecticut. It provides securities brokerage services along with investment banking services. One example of what they do is the $5 million equity purchase agreement they negotiated with Elite Data Services, Inc. a few years ago. Elite Data Services, based in Texas, is a tech firm which offers their customers software solutions that can be used to market their assets. Their applications can be used in many industries such as hospitality, automobiles, and gaming. The founder, chairman of the board, and chief executive officer of Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks, said that he looks to invest in companies like Elite Data Services which provide innovative products and/or services.


Since it was founded in 1996 Southridge Capital has invested about $1.8 billion in growth companies around the world. They have financed more than 250 publically traded companies and have helped them optimize their balance sheets and attain greater revenues and profits. The types of services they offer include among others financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring analysis, and bankruptcy advice. The management team at this company often see that most companies seeking to get financing from them are not taking full advantage of all of the opportunities that are available to them. Check out scribd.com for more.



At Southridge it is Stephen Hicks job to guide the overall strategic vision of the company. He has developed many skills in the financial industry including investment banking, derivatives, financial restructuring, and risk arbitrage. He is a graduate of New York’s King’s College where he earned a bachelor of science degree in business administration. He also attended Fordham University, also in New York, where he earned his MBA.


Stephen Hicks says that creating Southridge Capital came about when he was working at a hedge fund company and the principal of it decided to take off to Australia for a year. This gave him the opportunity to create his own company while continuing to work for the hedge fund company. After Southridge Capital was established and the principal returned Stephen Hicks was able to fully devote himself to his new company. You can visit southridgeholdingsllc.com




Reference: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/southridge-capital-enters-into-a-5-million-equity-purchase-agreement-with-elite-data-services-inc-300118746.html


Choosing to Fly with the Fagali Airport

In 1990, the Fagali Airport was owned by the local government and used primarily for military purposes. Unfortunately, due to noise and pollution violations, the airport was closed and no longer used for testing and training. Despite remaining abandoned for many years, Polynesian Airlines found a niche in the market for a high-quality airport that offered both local and international travel. The company also knew that it had to adhere to special guidelines so that noise and environmental reports wouldn’t be made by local residents or those traveling to the Somoa Islands. To this day, the Fagali Airport offers high-quality flights at affordable rates using a facility that uses special features to cut down on pollution and noise.

There are multiple airlines within the Fagali Airport, which include both local and international travel. For international travel, Somoa Air is the airline for you. It offers flights to North and South America, Canada and some parts of Europe. Some of the other airlines include Polynesian Airlines, South Pacific Airways and Pogo Pogo Air. The airport was recently awarded a safety award from the International Flight Association thanks to its 250 employees working diligently to create a safe and secure flying facility for those traveling to and from Somoa.

If you will be traveling to or from the Fagali Airport, there are many amenities and features that promise to make your flight more convenient. These include an in-house restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner along with beverages and desserts. You will also find multiple restrooms, vending machines, gift shops and cafes that you can use when you’re within the facility and have already gone through security. Despite being one of the smallest airports in the world, Fagali Airport is one of the busiest with over 30,000 flights leaving every single year.

Contact Fagali Airport: www.cheapflights.com/flights-to-Fagalii/

Sheldon Lavin and His OSI Group: Global Growth Company with Local Ties

Global expansion for many companies means, transferring impersonal assets and outsiders to the next country. Not OSI Group. This high growth international food company seeks out local people and manufacturing facilities first.

A fundamental business strategy for the OSI Group and CEO Sheldon Lavin is a belief in local tastes and cultural distinctions. Food tastes are integral to local culture. It is important for the company to tap this resource. OSI will spend considerable capital on learning idiosyncrasies of the local market. Management teams are tasked with providing the company, locally sourced food at better price points. OSI then integrates the global corporate structure to provide excellent economies of scale. Local management teams are given near-complete autonomy to operate as it sees fit.

OSI’s global partners and vendors are comfortable with this relationship. Day-to-day management decisions are made in the best interests of corporate, but also the local economies. This provides the benefits of a global company, working at an efficient local level.

CEO Sheldon Lavin believes in brisk global expansion, technology and deep commitments to quality. These fundamentals allow the company to maintain a competitive edge. OSI continues to move into underserved markets around the world. One of its recent acquisitions was BAHO Food, a Dutch company. The purchase in August 2016 provided new manufacturing facilities in Germany and the Netherlands. A distinct advantage to the acquisition was the distribution channels it gained in 18 countries throughout Europe. Flagship Europe is another recent purchase, giving Sheldon Lavin and his OSI Group even more distribution.

Home for this global behemoth is Aurora, Illinois. OSI serves dominant chain restaurants around the world. Sheldon Lavin does not want OSI to forget where it grew up. The company continues to serve and expand its local market. The recent purchase of a soon to be shuttered Tyson foods plant saved a lot of the plant’s employees. It also gives OSI expanded local production capabilities.

The local community and relationships are important to OSI. Sheldon Lavin believes local connections are the cornerstone of global growth. The company maintains constructive relationships with the Ronald McDonald House and Feeding America. Global growth opportunities continue to fuel this local company.

Sheldon Lavin info: www.amickfarms.com/corpresponsibility.html

Meet Dr. Saad Saad; An Experienced Surgeon Who Made Great Medical Inventions

The medical industry has many players who make treatment easy and successful. Surgeons are essential in this industry as they help in many complex medical situations. There are many surgeons across the world who are certified and work hard to ensure that patients undergo successful surgery operations. Dr. Saad Saad is one of the surgeons who have many years of experience. He earned a medical degree with honors from Cairo University. With his determination to become a leading surgeon he went to England for internship,, and later moved to the USA where he got certification from the board as a pediatric surgeon.




To be certified in the US as a surgeon is not easy. One has to undergo progressive specialized training and surgical practices. Additionally, the surgeon has to take challenging exams and tests every ten years. Dr. Saad accomplished all that, and that enabled him to become a leading surgeon ready to serve patients with expertise. He has worked in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for many years and helped many patients ranging from young kids to adults. He worked at King Specialized Hospital where he performed simple to complex surgical procedures. While at the facility he was highly respected as his skills and experience in surgical operations were exceptional. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/




Apart from being a leading surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad is an expert who is highly innovative when it comes to medical devices. He has two medical inventions in his name, and that has enabled him to be more recognized in the field of surgery. He has invented a device that can locate catheters inserted in patients’ bodies. Catheters are inserted in human bodies for specific functions such as draining gases and fluids, providing access to surgical instruments among other functions. To locate catheters in the body, X-ray is performed which comes with risks as a result of radiation mostly when it is done more than one time. Thus, Dr. Saad invented the device that is portable and utilizes electromagnetic energy to locate catheter in the body. The device is safe as it saves patients from X-ray and MRI scans.



Surgeons use endoscopes to look inside patients’ body parts like esophagus, lungs, bladder, stomach, and colon. Endoscopes’ lens while inside the body gets fogged up and this obstructs the view. For that reason, Dr. Saad Saad has invented a suction-irrigation device that clears up the lens to enable doctors have a clear view. This helps the doctors while they are performing endoscopy procedures during surgery. He has used this device, and it has worked perfectly well with his patients. As a result, many doctors today are taking up this invention.


The Career And Success Of James Gregory Aziz, The Chief Executive Officer Of National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz, also known as James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the Board of Directors, currently working at the National Steel Car Company. He was born on 30th April 1949 in Ontario, London. Gregory J Aziz later went to Ridley College, and after some time, he proceeded to further his education at the University of West Ontario where he graduated with a Degree in Economics.


How his career started

After James Aziz’ graduation, he went on and started working in his family’s food processing company. He later relocated to New York City where he worked for different banking and investment institutions. During his time in New York, Gregory J. Aziz started chasing the procurement of the National Steel Car Company from Dofasco. He got the ability to assist his family business in expanding to several branches not only in North American region but also to many other countries. With the help of Gregory J. Aziz, his family firm got the ability to import fresh food products from different country regions like Central America, South America, and even Europe. Find More Information Here.


Achievements with National Steel Car Company

In 1994, Greg James Aziz managed to buy the national steel car firm, located in Hamilton, Ontario. He began the journey to transform the pre-eminent Canadian company to become one among the world’s paramount railway fright vehicle manufacturing company. After purchasing the National Steel Car, James Aziz nurtured the company to its growth, enormously becoming larger in expansions of its manufacturing potential. Between the year 1994 and 1999, the National Steel Car Company experienced growth in productions of cars from 3500 to approximately 12000.


Success at National Steel Car

The dream of Greg James Aziz at national steel car company has become a reality due to his efforts in putting a lot of significance on team building, capital investment, and most particularly strong engineering. The excellence of cooperation which exists between the employees and the company’s management has played a very important role in the company, growing its labor forces from 600 to almost 3,000, in less than ten years from the time James Aziz acquired it in 1994.



Under the leadership of the influential Gregory J Aziz, the National Steel Car firm has been making tremendous performances, potentially outdoing all its rivals for many years. The company is now leading in the manufacture of rail cars in North America.