Equities first holdings is a type of business well known to provide its customers with services that equip them financially so they can be in a position to run their businesses.The Equities First Holdings delivers these shares around the world. The global company has entirely of offices around the world. One of those countries is Australia.Equities First Holding global company has its offices in 3 locations in Australia; Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth. All these offices are meant to accommodate the growing business.

The Melbourne office was relocated to the heart of the city to provide better space to assist all the clients and staff leaving room for more expansion. The firm is meant to offer credit to its customers and are not restricted on the use of the money. By doing so clients needs are met and business are able to grow.So far the firm has completed more than 700 transactions worth more than $ 1.4 billion till date, offering customers high loan to value at low fixed interest rates. Equities First Holdings has contributed to the tremendous growth of so many business firms around the world compared to other financial institutions. The company has been able to achieve its goals.

The renowned Clayton Hutson

Clay Hutson is a renowned sound engineer, stage manager and tour producer who has worked with a variety of notorious musicians and famous speakers. Hutson has the ability to take an act into an arena and make the show memorable, exciting and alive and filled with surprises. Hutson utilizes his over 25 years of experience to deliver a flawless show, again and again. Because of his solid history, acts like Pink, Kid Rock, Kelly Clarkson, Marilyn Manson, Garbage and One Republic to name a few, trust Hutson with the complex staging of their shows.


Clayton Hutson grew up in Nashville Tennessee and became interested in music at an early age. Hutson earned his bachelors degree in theater design from Central Michigan University and continued his education by earning his masters in business administration from Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Clayton spent time learning about the industry working for other management companies. After he gained enough experience, he set out to create his own niche and start his own company.


Hutson values hard work, and relies on checking and double checking his work. During a big show he cannot afford to have anything go wrong. Hutson is dedicated to his work and believes that hard work is the key to success. As a part of his service Hutson provides sound engineering, live production, rigging, production design, stage management and logistic services. Hutson’s clientele is typically established from references and word of mouth from satisfied clients. He also has a web site and relies on Linkedin to gain business.


Clay Hutson has learned through good and bad times how to expand on his established knowledge and come back stronger than ever. A solid work ethic and putting in the hours needed to ensure perfection is how he keeps up with the continually changing music performance industry. Also a passion for your career is key to success, if you love what you do, it never seems like work.


Hutson enjoys spending time with family and wishes he could have more free time to spend surrounded by friends and family. He also enjoys wood working and crafting. Learn more: http://www.prosoundweb.com/article/digicos_inaugural_sd11_makes_world_debut_on_tour_with_staind_frontman_aaron/


David McDonald has done some played an essential role in the OSI group over many years. He serves as the president of the OSI group. During his early days, David McDonald lived in lowa farm. While he was staying in lowa firm, he developed interest in agriculture. David was determined in finding better ways to improve agriculture farming. In the year 1987, He graduated from lowa state university with a degree in animal science. After school, he practiced his career for four years with the main aim of getting more experience.

In the year 1991, David McDonald joined a company that was based in Illinois, Chicago. The company was known as the OSI industries. He was so hardworking and loved working for this organization. After working for many years for this organization, Mr. McDonald was promoted to be the OSI president and chief operations, officer. He has been dedicated to managing the OSI group activities, because of his role in the company he has been awarded with Wallace E.Barron Outstanding Senior Award.

OSI Group is the world leading supplier of value-added protein products around the globe, for example, beef patties and Sausage Links.OSI group has opened many branches across the world, eight of their working companies are based in China. David McDonald identifies China as the most profitable country if right strategies are planned.OSI group has put more resources in China to boost the organization operates. Mr. McDonald is targeting to change the OSI group to be the leading company in supplying poultry products. Because of this plan, OSI group collaborated with DOYOO Group company in the year 2012.OSI group concentrate on identifying various opportunities in the world and trying to meet them.

OSI Group is targeting to extend its market share in most of the countries. For instance , in Europe the OSI Group has acquired the Baho food which was a great step in extending the company share. McDonald termed this achievement as a significant investment, which was going to make a great impact in the organization in the future. He also added that, the acquisition of the Baho Food will assist the company in improving its product demand. Mr McDonald has coordinated the OSI Group employees all over the world and the organization is making tremendous progress.David always emphasize to the employees to consider the taste and preferences of their customers.This has helped the OSI group to supply specific products to targeted consumers.

Contact David McDonald: www.osigroup.com/news/

Anil Chaturvedi Seasoned Banker with Four Decades of Experience

India has become one of the leading countries for investment as it offers far more opportunities than ever before. Even since the government change, there have been a lot of changes in the law that has negated the risks that led to European businesses being varied of taking their business to India. The new government in India has made foreign investment more lucrative and uncomplicated than it was before. Also, the further FDI reform that has been introduced offers many opportunities for European firms. Even though European businesses are the most significant trading partners of India, there are still many industries that are still unexplored or underexplored.

Anil Chaturvedi, the current Managing Director at Hinduja Bank, has been focusing on cross-border investments between India and Europe for many years. Anil Chaturvedi has been working towards facilitating joint ventures between European companies and Indian ones for mutual benefits. He believes that the recent FDI norms made by the Indian government would help make the entry of foreign investors in India much more comfortable. It will make the process of doing business in India much easier.

Anil Chaturvedi has been working with Hinduja Bank in Geneva for over six years where the company headquarter is located. Before joining Hinduja Bank in 2011, he was the Managing Director of the Bank of America-Merrill Lynch in New York. He has worked with the company for almost two decades and was one of the top bankers in the company. While working at the company, he was on the list of Top Financial Advisor of Barron.

Anil Chaturvedi is known for his interpersonal and communication skills, which have helped him, become popular among the colleagues. The ability of Anil Chaturvedi to be inspiring and motivational has enabled him to become a good leader. As the country head for ANZ Grindlays Bank for its US operations, he was loved by the employees of the bank. Not only did he implement various measures to ensure that the bank witnesses massive growth under his leadership, but he also was able to improve the market reputation and the customer service of the bank as well.


Milan Kordestani – Equestrian, Farmer, CEO?

When you think of most nineteen year olds, you’re not thinking of Milan Kordestani.

Born in Stanford, California, Kordestani began horseback riding at the age of ten years old. His first interaction with horses was not a pleasant one. While riding a trail, he was forced off of a horse. Determined to keep on, he reassumed his position on the horse and rode all the way back to camp. One might say this particular story is a proper example of the work ethic and drive of Mr. Kordestani.

Kordestani rode training horses for a few years before he began professional horse riding earning his first major achievement by winning the first leg of the Triple Crown in 2015, Fourth in the World Championship Horse Show, and Third nationally at the American Royal.

While his achievements are substantial, Kordestani isn’t satisfied with horseback riding championships. During his sophomore year of high school, Kordestani founded Milan Farms with the goal of providing for consumers who want simple, pure, and honest food product choices.

His company focuses on producing quality organic/free range poultry and eggs, as well as organic mint and saffron. Milan Farms offers options that strike a balance between respecting the traditional methods of farming and raising livestock with innovation and product development geared toward providing a continually better product. Founded in 2015, the company expanded to three farms in 2016 and distributes eggs across the west coast and Colorado.

While poultry products play a big part at Milan Farms, organically grown saffron is their main source of inspiration. In an agricultural first, Kordestani developed a method of growing saffron hydroponically using microfiber sponges. Under Milan Farms, he continues to push for research and innovation in hydroponic and aquaponics to grow and craft the highest quality saffron for his customers. The concept of agriculture, in its very existence, is a living and breathing thing. Set on perfection, Milan Farms continues to tweak its water delivery systems, experimenting with different salinity and mineral levels to cultivate the best possible product for their customers.

Mr. Kordestani would have it no other way.

How Robert Deignan Led ATS Digital Services To The Top Firm In Its Specialty

Robert Deignan is a lifelong resident of Florida. He grew up in Fort Lauderdale and graduated from the private school St. Thomas Aquinas High School in 1992. He entered Purdue University as a student and three years later graduated with a bachelor of science degree in business management. He wanted to pursue a life on being an entrepreneur but knew that he first needed to develop more professionally. To this end he worked for other companies for the first three years after having graduated so that he could build up his skills.

For Robert Deignan’s entire career he has been involved in the technology industry. The first company he was a part of founding in this industry, in 1998, was Fanlink, Inc. This was a company that made it easy to buy and sell tickets to sports game using flip phones. The experience he garnered at this company enabled him to join a company in Boynton Beach, Florida called iS3, Inc. in June 2002. This is a software company which offers a number of technology solutions to its clients. These including securing networks, helping businesses optimize their computers, and tech support personalized for each customer.

In 2011 he founded ATS Digital Services, LLC. in Boca Raton. This company can provide support to customers regardless of what type of technological device they are using as Robert Deignan keeps employees skills up to date through offering money to pay for continuing education courses. The customer service representatives at ATS Digital Services have many tech certifications so that no matter what type of device they are using someone is able to step them through how to use it or troubleshoot any problems.

Robert Deignan has been the chief executive officer at ATS Digital Services since the company was founded. He has created an industry-leading service provider where customer service is the number one focus. As a result of this commitment his company was the very first company to have AppEsteem certify it. Being certified by this organization means that his company provides the top levels of support services to those who need help using software and hardware.


President, CEO And Humanitarian Gregory James Aziz

Native to Canada, Gregory James Aziz works for a company that is know for their engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight cars. In fact the company he works for is one of the leading companies for this line of business, known as Steel Car. Gregory James Aziz works as the President and Chief Executive Officer for this company. This company calls Hamilton, Ontario home. National Steel Car is the only company of its kind in North America. This company has employed close to 3,000 people since its opening in 1994. And as of 1999 it had the capacity to produce up to 12,000 freight cars a year.


Greg J Aziz was born in the spring of 1949, April 30th to be precise. He was born in London, Ontario. Later in life, Gregory James Aziz decided to pursue an education at Ridley College. He later decided to further his educational opportunities and attend the University of Western Ontario, This is where he decided to major in economics. It wasn’t until the early 70’s that Gregory James Aziz decided to go work for his family business. Go To This Page for more information.


The family business named was Affiliated foods and would grow over the decade or so to become a international producer and distributor of fresh food to different countries throughout the world including Europe, Central and South America, the United States and parts of Canada. Greg Aziz worked with different banks in New York during the 80’s and early 90’s, this line of work eventually leads to the purchase of National Steel Car in 1994.


In the beginning this company started off being able to produce only 3,5000 railroad freight cars annually, since then it has almost quadrupled in production. Employment has also increased by an astonishing amount in the beginning this company employed only 600 people, now employed has increased to 3,000 employees. National Steer Car has held onto receiving the highest quality award since 1996. This company loves to help their local community. They help out local charities like the United Way and the Salvation Army. The company also host local food drives and donates to different food banks through the area.

Upwork Tips Help People Get Things Done

Upwork is a freelance website that allows workers and people in need of workers to come together. This is a very helpful thing to all of those that are trying to maximize there work potential during the course of the day. Your to-do list may be long, but it can definitely get smaller and resolved in a much quicker time frame when you have someone that is willing to help you get the work done.

Time management is very important when it comes to a to-do list, but it does not matter how well you manage your time if you do not know how to do something. If you have a task that seems out of hand and out of your control it is better to simply hire the help and save yourself the time and hassle that it would take to resolve this thing. The problem that comes in for people that bypass the need for help is the domino effect. Once you spend too much time on something that you do not know how to do you will find yourself struggling to find time to do the things that you can do.

It is certainly going to work to your advantage to bypass those things that are out of your control and put your mind into getting the help that is going to help you push forward and get things completed quicker.

A to-do list is something that you may also have to break down into smaller segments. You may have a very big task that entails a lot of different things. It may be difficult for you to even get started because you are finding yourself so overwhelmed by what you have to do. If you have the ability to break things down it is going to be much more manageable.

A number of people that have started using a to-do list app will find themselves more productive, but they will need to make sure that they put a time frame of when they want to complete the task. This helps you make the task a priority.

Michael Burwell Becomes Top Finance Man For Willis Towers Watson

Willis Tower Watson, a company that specializes in both advising and brokering insurance deals on a global level, has appointed Michael J. Burwell to serve the company as its new Chief Financial Officer.

Michael Burwell received his bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and has received his credentials as a certified public accountant Burwell was recognized as the alumnus of the year for Michigan State University in 2010.

Before accepting the new position, Burwell served in a variety of top leadership roles with PwC. The positions held by Burwell while with PwC include Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Head of Transportation Services, and Head of Global Transformation. All of these duties were performed for the branch of the company pertaining to Willis Tower Watson’s operations within the United States.

Michael Burwell, who is affectionately referred to as Mike by friends and colleagues, also has 11 years of audit experience to go along with a dozen years’ experience as an advisor of Transaction Services in which he provided value to clients by concentrating on the due diligence and valuation aspects of the pre-merger activity.

Burwell, when speaking about what he feels he will bring to Willis Towers Watson, says that he is enthused to join a team that can provide such great ideas. Burwell says that he will work with colleagues to develop these ideas and make sure that the great potential at the company does not go unrealized. See Related Link for additional information.

Burwell also speaks of himself saying that he is a great listener and has learned the art of building successful networks of capable individuals. Burwell finishes his self-assessment by saying the nearly four decades of experience he possesses in leadership has taught him that every team member has something valuable to offer the company. The successful team leader is the one that can make time for all his subordinates and incorporate the diversity of ideas to form one unique mode of operation.

Willis Towers Watson Chief Executive Officer, John Haley, expressed excitement that Mike was joining the team at such integral time in the history of the company. Haley went on to say that the expertise and skill set Burwell brings to Willis Towers Watson will be useful at helping the company expand to its fullest potential.


More on: https://www.reinsurancene.ws/willis-towers-watson-hires-cfo-replacement-burwell-pwc/


Lawrence Bender: A Film Producer With a Knack for Creativity That is Hard to match

Lawrence Bender has worked on many Hollywood blockbuster films. He is a well-renowned movie producer and has seen great success since he arrived on the film scene in the ‘90s. Originally born in the Bronx, New York, he actually believed his future was in civil engineering. He dad had a background in civil engineering and he heard the career path was safe and full of open jobs. So, he went to the University of Maine and gained his full degree in civil engineering. However, he noticed that he has no true passion for engineering and eventually meandered towards the world of the arts where he first studied dance and then moved on to the film world after a crippling injury stunted his dance career.

He worked on several films before gaining his big break as a producer on the film Reservoir Dogs. The film was salty and contained a high level of both violence and profanity. The movie was also written by Quentin Tarantino and was one of Quentin’s biggest movie breaks as well. The movie was produced in 1997 and was a bit revolutionary at the time. At first, the level of violence and profanity shocked audiences. However he match between Lawrence Bender and Quentin Tarantino was a very smooth fit and the two managed to develop a movie that delivered the storyline in a way the captured audiences and left them begging for more. The soon quickly adopted the title of a cult classic and of one of the best independent films ever made.

Since then, Lawrence Bender has become a household name and his choice in which movie he works on has been stunningly sound. With films like Kill Bill, Inglorious Bastards and Good Will Hunting under his belt, he has built a reputation as a producer that can transition his style to glorify the original script, while still adding signature touches.

For example, Lawrence Bender worked on Django Unchained, which is a movie known universally for the power of the plot line and the depth of character development achieved by the actors. The movies he works on tend to empower the underlying story line while adding a level of creativity that is hard to match.