Viper’s Cassio Audi Finds The Rhythm For Success

In the 1980s the British heavy metal scene was moving across the world providing a way of escaping a decade that was often difficult to navigate for many. Young people in the 1980s were left seeking out impressive new ways of expressing themselves in a post-punk environment; in the nation of Brazil, Cassio Audi was looking for ways of expressing himself through his musical skill as a drummer which led to him joining the fledgling band, Viper. Read more reviews at Applesauce Blog about Cassio Audi.

Founded in Sao Paulo by a group of teenagers, Viper is still touring with many of the original members still in place aside from Cassio Audi who left behind the heavy metal universe for a career in finance. Cassio Audi is still, quite rightly regarded as one of the most expressive and impressive drummers in the history of heavy metal for the work he completed with Viper over the space of just four years. Audi drove the rhythm section of Viper in their bod to replicate the sounds of iconic British heavy metal bands of the late 1970s and early 1980s; once the band had established themselves in the mainstream they made the decision to create their first studio album, “Soldiers of Sunrise”. Visit SoundHound to watch music videos of Cassio Audi.

Over the course of his career with Viper, Cassio Audi lived in the spotlight when the first demo recordings the band made became popular as bootleg versions. It was during the recording of “Soldiers of Sunrise” the musical skills of Cassio Audi were shown off to their fullest when he used different techniques to create drum sounds fitting the needs of the band as they sought to build on the live success they had begun to enjoy across Brazil.


For those suffering from rare diseases, you got a friend in Amicus Therapeutics

Based in Cranbury, New Jersey, Amicus Therapeutics is an American company that deals with biopharmaceuticals. The firm has developed advanced therapies to address rare and orphan diseases. Having gone public with its IPO in 2006 at NASDAQ Stock Exchange, the company has over the years developed a spectrum of treatment approached to address a variety of devastating human genetic problems.

With ATB200/AT2221 as their forefront biologics, which is a uniquely designed intervention for Pompe disease and applied alongside a pharmacological chaperone, Amicus Therapeutics has carved out a niche in the field of treating orphan diseases.

Migalastat, one of the company’s most robust interventions, is designed as an intervention for individuals suffering from late stages of Fabry disease in line with the patient’s genetic diagnosis. Another product candidate for late-stage development, SD-101, is a potential milestone therapy, the first-of-its-kind to treat the not so common connective tissue disease Epidermolysis Bullosa. Taking advantage of their biologics and utilizing the platform technologies of the Brandy Chaperone Advance Replacement Therapy, abbreviated as CHART, to develop new Enzyme Replacement Therapy interventions for the Pompe disease, Fabry disease, and similar lysosomal storage disorders. Know more on about Amicus Therapeutics.

Amicus Therapeutics got praised in 2004 as having possibly the broadest and most advanced portfolio of small molecules category of pharmacological chaperones. It was in 2008 when the company made a significant milestone in opening a new research center in San Diego to add to the one at New Jersey. Five years later Amicus would effect the acquisition of a rival company Callidus Biopharma which was a significant breakthrough especially in the development of the enzyme therapy intervention for the Pompe disease.


For 947 million dollars, the firm would acquire another of its competitors less than two years later, further advancing its dominance in the sector. John F. Crowley is both the CEO and the chairman of the board. Follow Amicus Therapeutics on Twitter.

ClassDojo Transforms Education Systems in Different Communities

ClassDojo is an app used by teachers and students for purposes of communication within their classrooms. Teachers and students can then share their class experiences with parents using ClassDojo. ClassDojo brings the entire school community together without the need of having each and everyone’s contact lists. The connection is achieved by recording videos, taking photos and even sharing photos throughout the school days. Parents are not left out at all costs because ClassDojo gives them the full detailed activities at their kids’ schools. Students, teachers and even parents are glad that such a fantastic app was invented.

Moreover, ClassDojo is this kind of daily inspiration for teachers to do better each day. It encourages teachers to keep steering their students towards success as well as themselves towards achieving their dreams.

What’s more is that ClassDojo is the engine that every student dreams of to change their ways of learning and make it more enjoyable. Involving parents in their kids’ daily school lives is what every scholar wants. ClassDojo is a form of a bond that has connected most parents to their children because regardless of where the parents are, they still feel like they are in a classroom setting together with their kids and teachers.

ClassDojo is a culture where the school community co-exists together to improve their education systems, build their relationships, nurture their talents and even connect with one another on different levels. This communication app promotes innovation and creativity within the classroom settings. In addition, ClassDojo is a community builder for teachers and parents can connect and communicate freely.

To simply put it, ClassDojo is a transformational tool for most education systems all around the globe. Inventors of this app have designed simply to ensure that all school programs run smoothly. Everyone who has benefited from ClassDojo wishes that it stays forever to keep building their relationships.

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Top Financial Institute Donates Towards the Advancement of Women Leadership and Economic Status

NexBank was pleased to sponsor the Dallas Women’s Foundation Luncheon held on Friday, October 20th. The foundation was holding its 32nd annual luncheon. The Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas served as the venue. NexBank presented the organization with $100,000 that aimed to support the fund in advancing the leadership and economic security of women. The occasion featured a keynote address from Dr. Hope Jahren, one of TIME magazine’s top 100 influential persons and an award-winning scientist cum best-selling author.

The address streamed live to 20 schools to reach more than 10,000 students around North Texas. This foundation hosts this luncheon every year with over 1300 civic, business and community leaders gracing the occasion. The Dallas Women’s Foundation ranks as the largest regional fund globally and stands as a reputable leader in advancing positive social and financial evolution for women and girls.

NexBank was founded in 1934 and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The bank has since grown to hold the 12th position among the most significant banks in Texas and stands at position 179 in the ranking of the largest banks in the nation. By June 2017, NexBank had 87 employees at three locations. The bank also boasts an A health rating for its money market that stands at three times the national average.

NexBank has an asset value of $6.4 billion. NexBank services include commercial banking and mortgage banking. The bank also offers institutional services to cater for the needs of its institutional customer’s including, financial institutions, real estate investors, middle-market companies and corporations across the nation. NexBank SSB is a subsidiary of NexBank Capital, Inc. which is a commercial service company.

The leadership of NexBank comprises of a team of experts in the banking industry. The management has a strong focus on serving clients to provide most critical financial services to individual clients, institution, and corporate clients. James Dondero heads the team as the Chairman. James is also the President and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management. The team of leaders combines management and leadership experience and commit actively to the success of NexBank.

The Growth and Success of Fabletics in the Fashion Industry.

Fabletics is a fashion-forward athleisure brand established in 2013. The enterprise has grown into a two hundred and fifty million dollar company within three years. The founders of Fabletics are Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. Kate Hudson achieved in the corporate world despite being an actress with no background in business. Reseller and Goldenberg were the founders of TechStyle Fashion Group that has experience in the online fashion world, which provided funding to the corporation. Fabletics is a stylish, reasonably priced and quality athleisure brand in the universe that produces workout gears for people.


Kate Hudson reviews budgets and selects social media strategies alongside designing outfits to ensure that product designs are fresh. Hudson manages sales of the company as well the stock through the company’s data-driven approach, which helps her to know the clothes that are selling and the ones that aren’t moving in the market. The data also assists to match customers with their perfect outfit. She markets Fabletics gears by wearing them whenever she is going to the gym, because of the authenticity of the costumes. The firm’s products are almost half the price compared to other companies in the industry. Fabletics is committed to quality, which has earned the company a top rating from the Better Business Bureau. The enterprise ensures customer satisfaction, which made them upgrade their customer service department. The company has earned an incredible reputation in the business world that attracted more retail businesses in 2015 by a growth of 644 percent. Fabletics is headed by Gregg Throgmartin and has over one million members across the universe.


The success of Fabletics attracts several celebrities including Demi Lovato, who poise rapid growth of the company in the future. The firm incorporates reverse showroom because of the unique way they stand out and the quality of their products. Reverse showrooming provides people an offline platform where they view commodities but instead buy from other sources at lower prices. The strategy helps the business to create relationships with its customers besides making it a reliable firm in the market. The reverse approach provides Fabletics knowledge on local fairs much better than before through events and other activities. The strategy attracts more customers, which results in an approximated 25 percent of new members as well as 30-50 percent of their loyal clients. The firm has expanded its business by creating over twenty stores as a result of the reverse showroom.

Greg Secker Guidance on Forex Trading

Although many people are interested in forex trading, only a handful of them practices it because of the complexities it comes along with. However, according to Greg Secker equipping oneself with basic knowledge about forex trading is the most important thing people should know. The basics which include how to manage risk effectively and the fundamental forex indicators are important in enabling people to carry out healthy profitable forex trading.

Despite the fact that some economists deem forex trading to be entirely unpredictable, there exists a number of indicators that forex trader’s use in deciding what and when to buy and sell in the forex trading. Some of the common indicators used by the forex traders include the Simple Moving Average, the Exponential Moving Average among other indicators.

The Simple Moving Average is simply the mean value of a currency or in other words the stock over a specific period. There exists long and short SMAs. The averages are useful in revealing trends in the market and in determining the value of commodities in the future.

Exponential Moving Average is similar to SMA although short geared. It quickly reacts to changes in price. Forex traders often use it to takes advantage of fluctuations in the market.

The Stochastic Oscillator is a measurement of momentum in forex trading. The measurement is crucial in determining the behavior of currency in the future. Bollinger bands are used in the measurement of vitality. It measures whether the relativity of a commodity is high or low. Economic calendars, on the other hand, are the best indicator for new traders.

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur and a speaker. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Food Science from the University of Nottingham. He worked at the Thomas Cook Financial Services where he developed the Virtual Trading Desk. The software was a forex trading platform based on the internet.

He left Thomas Cook Financial Services in 2003 and founded Learn to Trade. The company works round the clock to assist people to understand forex indicators, manage risks and be able to make profits in the business.

Adam Goldenberg – TechStyle’s Success, Rebranding, and future of Fashion Industry

Adam Goldenberg entered the world of entrepreneurship as a teenager. He became the youngest chief operating officer of a publicly traded firm and later became the co-founder and co-chief executive officer of JustFab Incorporation, the parent company to the famous fashion brands Fabletics, JustFab, FL2, ShoeDazzle, and Fabkids. In just seven years, JustFab has experienced tremendous growth. Today, it has a labor force of over 2000 people and annual sales of $650 million. With these figures, JustFab has been labeled as one of the fastest growing fashion companies in the world.

Adam Goldenberg attributes this growth and success to a number of factors namely;

  • Its ability to build brands on the Internet as well as in high growth categories.
  • Its membership model that helps creates a unique commitment between JustFab and its customers. The model has given birth to a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • A fantastic customer experience where JustFab is continuously aiming at exceeding the expectations of its customers.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler decided to change the name of their company from JustFab to TechStyle. They arrived at this name after deciding to bring big data and programming into the operations of the company. Adam Goldenberg’s emphasis on technology does not come as a surprise. It is just a natural thing seeing that he has been a serial tech entrepreneur from the tender age of 15 years. At 17, Adam sold his company; Gamers Alliance to Intermix and 20, Intermix offered him the COO position.

Adam Goldenberg was recently invited to an interview with CNBC. The discussions surrounded the management’s decision to change the company’s name from JustFab to TechStyle Fashion Group and the future of the fashion industry. He attributed most of the improvements to the brand’s membership model to the feedback the company receives from the subscribers. The co-CEO said that one of the reasons why TechStyle stands out is because it focuses on building brands rather than just selling.

Just recently, Adam Goldenberg happily announced the $1 billion valuations of Techstyle Fashion Group. Adam believes that the new assessment will be instrumental in cementing the brand’s place in the fashion retail niche. The co-CEO does not only take pride in attaining $1 billion but is also proud of the people who have tirelessly gotten the company where it is today. Adam Goldenberg is confident that Techstyle is just about to fill the void that will be vacated by the conservatives such as Abercrombie and American Eagle.

Adam Goldenberg believes that in as much as the majority of current brands were established over 30-40 years ago – way before the rise of TechStyle; there is still an opportunity to raise brands via the online subscription and sales model speedily.

Rodrigo Terpins and His major Achievements as a Rally Driver

Rodrigo Terpins is a rally driver who has won many titles since the beginning of his career. Rodrigo and his brother, Michel Terpins have a great profile in the Brazilian Rally competitions and are currently the principal mentors of the young aspiring rally drivers. Through the years, Rodrigo has gained great experience and skills in his career which he uses to ensure that he remains at the top of other contenders every time.

Success Stories

A few weeks ago, Rodrigo and Michel Terpins formed a team with the vision of winning the rally competition that went down in August 2017. They managed to win two competitions even before the entire tournament was over. Rodrigo and his brother Michel had won two of the four stages even before the middle of the tournament, and this was seen as an early sign of an amazingly outstanding performance from the two brothers.


For the love of speed and the fact that they are looking to inspire others, Rodrigo and his brother came together with other nine affiliates to form the Bull Sertoes Rally team. It is seen as an amazing decision that the friends made as they look to get in touch with other junior drivers who are looking to join with them in making the team success. However, the two brothers are still active participants in the racing as they take part in the Cross Country Rally Championship.

Rodrigo Terpins is one of the few people who has really enjoyed the rally industry, but it is due to his consistent hard work and determination. Today, Rodrigo is the light that many people rely on so that at least they can get to the same position that is held by this great legend. The love of speed and the great ability to withstand the challenges are some of the things that can get someone to their goals. For the aspiring drivers, it is wise to follow the footsteps of the legends like the two brothers for they are the actual example of what it feels when someone is enjoying the fruits of their labour. Check out his Vimeo to see more videos. You can visit his Facebook page.

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Dr. Mark Holterman, As Part Of The ADA Helps Combat Mental Health Issues Faced By Diabetics

Dr. Mark Holterman has led an outstanding career in the field of medicine. He is an extremely established doctor who is known for specializing in immunology, with a focus on pediatric diabetes. He has been working in the field of medicine for an extremely extended period and is regarded as a distinguished member of the field. He is also a professor of pediatric surgery and teaches at the University of Illinois. He is considered to be an incredible professor there and has trained multiple batches of students who are all becoming pediatric surgeons in the future. He is also a distinguished member of numerous medical and surgical organizations throughout the country. One of the organizations that he is extremely active with is the American Diabetes Association. Learn more on Crunchbase about Dr. Mark Holterman.

The American Diabetes Association or ADA is one that is dedicated to providing research and treatments for people who are diagnosed with diabetes. The organization has been instrumental in the developments that we have seen in the field and has undertaken numerous programs to help the problem of diabetes that over a million people in the nation currently face. Recently, the ADA teamed up with the American Psychological Association to help provide mental health treatment facilities to patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes, and are showing signs of mental health issues. The program is mainly catered to health care professionals, training them in ways to help people who have been diagnosed with the disorder. The program is a two-part process, that is focused on giving these professionals a well thought out training to equip them to deal with these patients. Dr. Mark Holterman was also a part of this program and extended a helping hand to help mental health professionals understand the challenges that one faces when they are diagnosed with diabetes. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman at

Just like this program, Dr. Mark Holterman has been a part of several others which are catered not only to doctors but patients as well. He was recently a part of a program that provided workshops and seminars to children living in Los Angeles. The program was directed to kinds, to help them understand the importance of a good and active lifestyle to prevent diseases like diabetes.


Eli Gershkovitch’s Rapid Advancements in Breweries Industry

Born July 1975, Eli Gershkovitch is a famous Canadian businessman, majoring in breweries and partly in law pertaining to alcohol consumptions. He is also a certified pilot having flown to and from Canada a couple of times. Eli Gershkovitch currently lives in Vancouver and is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Steamworks Breweries. This came by because of his passion for beer business. He gained his experience in Heidelberg Breweries in Germany which is the leading producer of Belgian beer. This motivated him to launch his breweries, Steamworks Breweries. Learn more about his craft beers at

Eli Gershkovitch also graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in law, and he has used his knowledge in legal matters to the advantage of his breweries. He is also passionate about art and children. Eli Gershkovitch has organized the operations in his company over the years, and his excellence in management has earned the company more than 50% profit increment over the years. This has therefore attracted investors from countries like Italy and Germany who have partnered with him hence broadening the market for his products. With this Eli Gershkovitch fishes huge profits and hence more revenue for his country.

Most importantly, his company is where it is right now because of his tireless efforts that he puts in in small bits day by day to ensure that Steamworks Breweries remains top notch in its operations. His significant contribution is steering the breweries to start producing Canadian Craft beer which is the talk of the town in Canada. This prestigious type of beer is not only produced by Eli Gershkovitch’s company but also by other breweries such as Lighthouse Brewing Company and BC Craft Brewers Guild and many others. The types of beer they produce come in different brands and flavors. The brands include Race Rocks Ale, New Wood Brett, Captain’s Log Lager, One-Eyed Grouse, Cosmic Cream Ale etcetera. The flavors, on the other hand, include caramel malt, citrusy, cold aged flavor, and two-row malted barley.


With the diversity in their production, customer satisfaction is guaranteed considering their choices and preferences. The companies are therefore up for smooth business operations. Learn more about Eli Gershkovitch at Crunchbase.