Freedom Checks Also Represent America’s Energy Independence

The United States is fortunate in possessing many natural resources, including oil, natural gas and coal. In response to the express wish of the government of the United States to make maximum economic use of those resources, the energy sector sends out generous Freedom Checks (as Matt Badiali calls them) to everybody who helps them use their pipelines and refineries to bring energy to the businesses and individuals who need it. In the early 1980s some companies were structuring themselves as publicly traded partnerships. In 1987, Congress passed a law, Statute 26-F, modifying Section 7704 of the Internal Revenue Tax Code. That law defines publicly traded partnerships. It exempts them from owing federal income taxes so long as they pay at least 90% of their profits out to the unit holders in the partnership. This is why Freedom Check payments are so much larger than dividends from corporations. Corporation must pay taxes before they pay out dividends to shareholders. Read more about Freedom Checks at

Also, these publicly traded partnerships, also called master limited partnerships, must also be in the business of energy and minerals. Most of them operate pipelines in North America. Therefore, they enable the companies that explore for oil and produce it through wells to transport the oil to refineries. Congress wanted to encourage the development of America’s energy sector.

The people and businesses of the United States had no problem obtaining the energy they needed, and so had no Freedom Checks, until October 1973. In that year, the countries of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries decided to punish the countries that supported Israel during the Yom Kippur War. They did this by declaring an oil embargo on the United States, Japan, The Netherlands, Canada and the United Kingdom. At the beginning of this embargo, the international cost per barrel of oil was $3. By the end of the embargo in March 174, it had risen to $12. Read this article at Money Morning.

During this period, the price per gallon in the United States rose to over one dollar. Also, shortages of gas led to many long lines, with people often waiting half an hour or longer to reach the pumps. In some areas, various forms of rationing were implemented, such as the odd/even system. On certain days of the week, only cars with odd numbered license plates could buy gas. Every other day, it was cars with even numbered license plates.

President Nixon pledged to reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil, but the Freedom Check law was not passed until President Reagan’s second term.


David McDonald, President Of OSI Group Talks Business

David McDonald was raised in Iowa before going on to college to earn a degree in Animal Sciences. McDonald previously manned the role of Chairman at the North American Meat Institute before accepting a job as project manager with OSI Group. McDonald worked his way through the ranks of the company and is now company president.

OSI is a top provider of food globally that seeks to bring only the highest products available to its customers. McDonald has worked with OSI for three decades now and is a large reason for the tremendous growth the company has experienced in that time.

Mr. McDonald has taken a moment to answer a few brief questions

What Was Your Start In The Food Business

I started working for OSI Group not long after graduating from college. I began at the bottom and worked steadily to attain the position I have today. Biological sciences and agriculture have always been interests of mine. I decided to pursue this passion while in college and earned a degree in animal sciences.

How Does The Company You Work For Make Its Money

OSI Group is responsible for the processing and delivery of food products to major food companies across the globe.

How Lond Did It Take For The Company To Become Profitable

As I said earlier, I have worked with the company for 30 years. We have grown exponentially during this time. We were able to find profitability early on due to our great fortune of establishing great partnerships.

Was There Ever A Time You Doubted The Company Would Enjoy Success

I have always believed in the vision at OSI and our goal to exceed all expectations of our customers. The fact that we are a private company gives us more flexibility in regards to proposed business solutions. The short of it is no. I never doubted the success of the company.

How Did The Company Get Its First Customer

The high standard of performance we set for our company is what attracted our first customer to us. We believe that our customers are family and we make sure that every product deliver is quality enough for personal use.

What Does The Future Hold For OSI Group

We are committed to continuing our policy of bringing the highest quality and value possible to our client base. We will remain ahead of the curve by adapting to present business models and paying close attention to the needs expressed by our customers.

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José Auriemo Neto Business Leader

José Auriemo Neto is a prominent business leader who has numerous plans for the future. During his career, he has worked hard to get where he is today. He is currently the CEO at JHSF. During his time at JHSF, he made multiple changes to improve the company.

José Auriemo Neto is a prominent investor who enjoys building wealth. He wants to improve his financial position through investing in real estate. Real estate investing is a proven way to generate passive income. José Auriemo Neto owns rental properties throughout Brazil. With economic growth in Brazil continuing to increase, José Auriemo Neto believes it is a great time to invest for the future.

Beginning of his Career

José Auriemo Neto had a great career in various industries. He went to college after he graduated from high school. While he was in school, he had to work several jobs just to pay the bills. José Auriemo Neto finally graduated with a degree in business. While he was in college, he was an intern at a large company in his area. This company offered him a job after he graduated.

Investing Acumen

José Auriemo Neto has always been interested in investing for the future. José Auriemo Neto firmly believes that everyone should invest to reach their financial goals. Some people are worried about investing because they do not want to lose money. Real estate is a proven option for people to who to increase their income. In the future, José Auriemo Neto intends to expand his company to serve additional customers.

Work Hard and Work Smart For Financial Success With Richard Dwayne Blair

Everyone has to solve their own financial challenges. This is where a plan comes in. One of the things that people will have to look at is how they are going to generate income. One of the common beliefs is that money can be made if one works hard. While there is truth to that, there is more to it than that. People need a plan in order to move forward. Another thing they need is multiple streams of income. This can make it easier for people to make money and save money. Many people will have trouble without the help of financial advisers.

One financial adviser that people can learn from is Richard Dwayne Blair. He is one of the most successful financial experts. He runs a company called Wealth Solutions LLC. With this company, he looks at the financial situations of his clients and help them decide on what they can do in order to improve their financial circumstances. One thing that he will point out is that even the hard working person can use some extra assistance. This is where he suggests looking for ways to invest. Passive income is one of the best things for people to do when it comes to saving for other plans.

One of the most important things that people can do according to Richard Dwayne Blair is save for retirement. One of the best things for one to do is make a plan to retire at some point. People will have a better retirement if they start earlier. They can focus their plan on their retirement. One of the best things about this is that they can set their finances up to where they do not have to work again if they don’t want. They can instead do the things they enjoy and share the wealth with others with the help of Richard Dwayne Blair

Logan Stout Is A Terrific Keynote Speaker

Logan Stout is IDLife’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder. IDLife is a company that concentrates on supplements and vitamins. People who are searching for individualized nutrition options often are drawn to it.

Logan Stout is a person who takes on many roles day in and day out. He refers to himself as being a keynote speaker, philanthropist, leadership coach, author and more. Stout has a penchant for assisting people. He likes to assist individuals who are looking to guide the way for others. He released “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams” back in 2013. A couple of major public figures backed the book as well. Daymond John and Barbara Corcoran are just two of them. John is well-known thanks to Shark Tank on ABC. John and Corcoran are two entrepreneurs who have done many things throughout their careers.

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Logan Stout has teamed up with John C. Maxwell as a means of giving people around the globe assistance with personal development and leadership training concepts. They concentrated on 196 countries everywhere. Maxwell was called a leadership specialist by a publication known as Inc. Magazine. He’s a proficient motivational speaker.

This professional likes to give people his thoughts and opinions. He’s often spotted on television programs. He frequently participates in radio shows, too. It’s not even uncommon to see Logan Stout partaking in live events of all varieties. There have been various publications that have discussed Stout and his actions. The New York Times, the Dallas Morning News and Philadelphia Life Magazine have all talked about Stout and his work. People who pay any attention to Fox, CBS Radio, the Ticket and the Fan may know exactly who Stout is. Philadelphia Life Magazine is so enamored by Stout that it actually took it upon himself to designate him its sought after Man of the Year.

Haley is the name of Stout’s wife. They live together in friendly Frisco, Texas alongside their two boys. They assist a handful of charity groups that are around them. These include both the American Heart Association of North Texas and the Boys and Girls Club of Collins County.

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Malcolm CasSelle – Simplifying the Virtual Marketplace

Michael CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins, which is a pioneer and prominent bitcoin dealer across the world and a trader of items for virtual games.

Serving internationally located clients generated a clamor for reorganization of payments for items that are purchased online which are needed for virtual games. And while OPSkins in considered the leading trade place for online generated assets its capacity to perform decentralization functions has a limitation for the assets involved in the trade.

The makers of OPSkins are preparing to launch a new system for the procurement and sales of virtually made assets in the form of WAX – also known as Worldwide Asset eXhange. WAX is a P2P or peer-to-peer retail exchange that is done online where assets with a virtual nature are formed and traded using a blockchain that is regionalize where buyers and sellers are able to transact effectively together.

According to Malcolm Cassele, WAX provides the answer to two vital concerns that are present within the sector of virtual assets which are fragmentation and fraud. The WAX solves fragmentation and fraud by incorporating a mechanical blockchain gadget that permits all types of users to instantaneously buy and sell virtual item products without having to remove or exit their existing games.

The current transaction exchange of computer generated assets has a patchwork of local and regional trade markets which from the beginning have problems in terms of processing payments, including language and security dilemmas that hinders certain countries or regions from completing online transactions. The ideal means to settle this particular matter is to construct a blockchain that is presently applied via the WAX token.

The WAX will correspondingly solve problems that arise from different locations around the globe. Therefore, when a particular user performs a transaction on the apps that does not make use of the common or regular token, WAX will take the place of a standard legal tender that is common among all users. As such the WAX structure allows group of international buyers and sellers to pass into the international pool of virtual products while eliminating financial risks that users often encounter within the market for virtual goods and services.

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Equities first holdings is a company that has made huge difference in the way we offer financing. The company was originated by Al Christy Jr in Indianapolis Indiana, Christy had discovered that it was getting extremely impossible to qualify for loans from the traditional banks due to the need for physical collateral and other very stringent conditions.

In 2002, he founded the company as a means to provide these customers alternatives to their financial needs. Equities uses the stocks and shares of the customers to secure the loans while using less than stringent terms to qualify them. They also offer lower interest rates to make them handle the repayment faster, since then the company has made remarkable difference in giving the customers financing.

Equities has businesses in five countries, they are the United States, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Australia and China. They are moving into,New territories as they grow in popularity.

OSI Food Solutions Upgrades Spain Facility To Meet Chicken Demand

Despite OSI Food Solutions being a global manufacturer of food products many people haven’t heard of them. This despite the fact that they are ranked as the United States 58th biggest private company and that they brought in $6.1 billion in revenue in the fiscal year ending on December 31st, 2016, according to Forbes. They were founded in 1909 and were known for many years at Otto & Sons until they changed their name around 1975.

OSI Food Solutions has production facilities in 17 nations. One of these is located in Spain and it provides products such as chicken, beef, and pork. Their value-added food is supplied to companies in the food service industry as well as retail food brands. Their Toledo, Spain facility recently needed an upgrade as both Spain and Portugal, the two nation’s this facility provides food to are both eating more chicken than ever. The managing director of their subsidiary, OSI Spain, said that over the past decade growth in this market segment has been averaging 6 percent each year. He added that over the past three years this has accelerated to 8 percent growth in demand for chicken products.

The leaders of OSI Food Solutions performed a number of upgrades which cost a total of $20 million. The most important improvement was adding a high capacity production line. Once this work was completed this facility doubled their chicken output to 24,000 tons a year. In total the now produce 45,000 tons of protein-based food products annually.

The other improvements had to do with food safety, a critically important thing at OSI Food Solutions. They added outdoor cameras so that they could detect unauthorized people entering the premises. They also added indoor cameras which monitor the food to make sure it is always being processed correctly. They also put in a new cutting-edge firefighting system as part of this plant upgrade.

It’s not just food safety which is treated very seriously by OSI Food Solutions. They also do what they can to limit the impact of their business operations on the environment. This focus led to their earning the Globe of Honour Award in 2016. This is an award very selectively handed out by the British Safety Council. The British Safety Council monitors a company for 12 months, all the way from the boardroom to the processing plants, to make sure they are demonstrating excellence when it comes to environmental management.

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Larkin and Lacey

Larkin and Lacey admit that their publication, New Times, was a thorn in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s side. He had already banned their reporters from his press conferences and threatened to have them arrested. However, when the publication released an article detailing how the Sheriff was concealing commercial real estate, the Sheriff took drastic legal action.

He claimed that the article made his name and personal home address available online and that according to the Arizona law, this was a felony. So for the next 3 years, he would work to have the investigative reporter who wrote article prosecuted. And on the day of court, Lacey published an article which questioned the constitutionality of what was happening as well as the lawfulness of the subpoena.

Arpaio wasn’t happy with this and had the two arrested for revealing grand jury secrets–namely the contents of the subpoena. However, Larkin and Lacey would not be in jail for long. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Their story was picked up by several publications and the story went mainstream. In no time, the Maricopa County Sheriff had to close the case and release the CEO and executive editor. They were also awarded a 3.75 million settlement for their improper arrest.

They eventually used the settlement to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund. They gave grants to organizations throughout Arizona that worked towards migrant-rights. They also now have a website that discussed the First Amendment right and free speech.

This was not the first time that the Sheriff deprived citizens of their rights. In fact, Arpaio had a long history of abusing his inmates. Whether he was denying them their medications, forcing them to wear pink underwear, making women give birth while chained to their beds or feeding them rotten fruit, the conditions he created were dire.

They were so bad that an unprecedented amount of inmates committed suicide during his six-term office. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

Perhaps one of the most notable of Arpaio’s scandals involved racial profiling. In Melendres v. Arpaio, the Sheriff was accused of having his deputized citizen posse round up Latinos so that he could determine whether or not they had American citizenship. These actions resulted in a class action suit which led to a $70 million settlement in favor of the Maricopa County citizens.

But even still, he would not serve time for his actions. Instead, the judge would order him to make reforms to his process. And when he did not, he was found in contempt of court and scheduled to face at least 6 months of prison time. However, he would never serve any time for this as Donald Trump would inevitable pardon him.

According to Larkin and Lacey, Arpaio is a brilliant politician–admittedly the only thing that they can respect about him. He used his support of Trump to leverage a pardon.

The two journalists also suspect that Trump granted the pardon to Arpaio so that he could appeal to the voters who were in support of Arpaio. However, perhaps these are the types of things that they hoped to uncover when their careers first start, working on their small University of Arizona paper.

Todd Lubar Starts A Business Sharing His Knowledge Of Business With Entrepreneurs

Todd Lubar is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who makes his home in Potomac, Maryland. Todd Lubar says that he has run a number of successful ventures in a variety of industries including scrap metal and real estate. Most of his experience is in mortgage and financing but he’s always willing to apply his business skills in any area of the economy. His favorite thing to do, though, is to get families into homeownership through providing great mortgages to them. He is said to have a really strong work ethic by his peers and is always to put in the hard work it takes to close a deal.

Between his soft and hard skills at business, Todd Lubar has developed the skills necessary to excel in business. He opened a new company a few years ago called TDL Global Ventures LLC where he helps other entrepreneurs find success in their new ventures. He is the president of his company and leads a team he put together of other entrepreneurs. He teaches people opening new ventures such vital business skills as streamlining processes as much as possible, operational management, and how to lead others. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Todd Lubar says that he was encouraged to be an entrepreneur by his parents from an early age. He grew up in Washington D.C. and could be found at a street corner selling lemonade when he was seven during the summers and he would show back up in the winters to sell passerby’s hot chocolate. During the winter he would also earn money by knocking on doors and offering to shovel sidewalks clear of accumulated snow. Check out Yelp to see more.

His professional career started in 1995 after he graduated from Syracuse University. Todd Lubar’s first professional position was in the real estate industry. This was at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he learned how to conservatively evaluate a mortgage application.

As for the scrap metal business, this took place during the recession which started in 2007. He opened a business in this industry as well as other industries. He launched a successful nightclub, for instance, and also opened a company where he demolished old buildings and hauled off the remains so that something new could take their place.