Paul Mampilly Establishes Profits Unlimited To Give Investors Sound And Valid Financial Advice

Amidst alarming investment trends in the world’s economy, Paul Mampilly continues to make news headlines following his successful business ventures. The American investor and former manager of hedge fund won the Templeton Foundation investment competition in 2009. Initially, he was an employee at Wall Street where he served for twenty years. Paul served high profile clients like ING, Deutsche Bank as well as Kinetics International. After bagging the Templeton Foundation, Tom Mampilly invested in the initial $50 million package by transforming it to $88 million. This growth is equivalent to a 76% gain in the financial market.


In 2016, Paul merged with Banyan Hill Publishing to establish an investment advisory platform for Americans. That was the beginning of Profits Unlimited. As part of the business he founded, Paul recommends his eight-page newsletter emails on new stock in the market to his subscribers. On a weekly basis, the newsletters are updated on the recent news concerning one to two stocks. After the updates, he monitors the fluctuation of investment through his website. He then passes the same knowledge to his subscribers with the aim of disseminating information on investment.

Investment Advice

Instead of investing the client’s capital for them, Paul’s clients purchase the stocks online through his website. This is done from their brokerage accounts. This is a modern arrangement between financial advisors and their customers. According to client’s reviews, Paul Mampilly has been giving sound advice on investment. Alan L stated that they have been purchasing the stocks Paul suggested, and the profits are impressive.

Paul’s Profile

Paul Mampilly is an American entrepreneur who gives sound investment advice to prospects. He is the former manager of the hedge fund. His passion and talent for investment saw him winning the Templeton Foundation competition title investment. He has been featured in high profile news channels like CNBC, Fox Business as well as Bloomberg TV.

Additionally, Paul founded Profits Unlimited, a newsletters investment portfolio. He applies his talent and skills to assist people in making wise investment decisions.

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