Perry Mandera – Founded Custom Companies, Inc. in 1986

Perry Mandera starts a successful transportation company out of Illinois that manages to accumulate over $200 million dollars in business a year. This business was designed to help various types of stores distribute its goods nationally and internationally; and, it does so very well, serving thousands of customers in the process. Throughout Mandera’s successful progress with his company, he suddenly becomes recognized by the state of Illinois for his level of productivity with the company.

Perry Mandera learned about many various aspects of transportation and shipping while serving in the United States Marine Corp. During his service, he would drive large trucks which would serve as his foundation of where his experiences as a truck driver would develop.

After discharging honorably from the Marine Corp, Mandera would work for various trucking companies where he would succeed excessively. Over time, he would realize that working for someone would not be the path on which he would like to travel on for the rest of his life so he made a risky move – He would start his own company.

In 1986, Perry Mandera would start the full-service transportation company,‘Custom Companies’. This business is designed to handle customer transportation requests both domestically and internationally through services related to, but not limited to: freight forwarding, truck loading and LTL.

The company would be an extreme positive for not only customers, but, well, of course employees, but not for the simple reasons of quality of life, but for reasons related to positive experiences amongst colleagues. Employees have stated numerous times that the work environment of Custom Companies has been nothing short of amazing and ranks working for the company as the top among all other companies in which they’ve had a place of employment.

Perry Mandera’s devoted and systematic approach to his company would become a hit and as a result would draw attention from the Illinois Transportation Association (ITA). In 2000, ITA would grant Mandera the honor as one of the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium”.

Aside from being founder of Custom Companies, Inc., Perry Mandera is also founder of a very cherished charitable organization, ‘Custom Care Charities’.

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