Repurposing Wengie Saves Earth

Cool, refreshing and healthy, water is nature’s little miracle of hydration. The clear, filtered liquid can help one feel fuller so they eat less, it hydrates the skin to keep it looking younger and vibrant, plus it is all natural right from the earth, no chemicals or color additives.


If you drink the 6-8 bottles of water nutritionists and doctors recommend a day, that amounts to 42 to 56 bottles a week. Monthly, yearly, it starts to add up which turns into waste. We all know recycling is vital and necessary to protect our earth. It is a big responsibility. That isn’t to say it can’t be enjoyable too.


Recyclable Wengie teaches her subscribers different ways they can help keep the earth clean from litter, while repurposing plastic bottles of water that would otherwise have gone to a landfill.


Annoying is not enough to describe that feeling when one opens a bag of candy that has no reseal. Twist the bag and it untwists slowly, fold it over and it could spill out. No need to waste as Wengie has a way to take a clean plastic water bottle and turn it into a resealable candy container. Forget the messy spills with this hack!


Turning an empty bottle into a water filtration system to filter your own water can reduce waste and save you money. Waste destroyer Wengie shows you how in this video. Turning bottles into a garden hose or an adorable gift box, Wengie has all the hacks you need to never waste again.