Rocketship Education values students dreams

Rocketship Education is a public elementary charter which serves as a non-profit education center. The school helps to enroll the children from low-income earners family and those with special needs. Rocketship School values the dreams of young developing minds of the children. Their education system is tailored to meet the need of every learner as per the family directives.

Rocketship Education had some struggles in its early stages of establishment. It started a decade ago in California in a church basement in San Jose. The school is committed to building an approach that is educational oriented, scalable and sustainable in making the Rocketship community fortunate through providing achievements to learners who come from needy communities nationwide.

The teaching methods are made to meet each student differences. The approach of instruction is learner centered, and each teacher is required to take time with the individual student to personalize the learning system. The school also integrates teaching with technology to enhance better understanding and retention capabilities.

Parents are also engaged in the academic learning process so that Rocketship can personalize learning. The school plans and conducts annual door to door visits to the homes of their students to assess the effort of the parents towards their children education. Parents should be the ambassadors of education to their kids.

Through Rocketship parent leadership programs, families have the voice to demand political attention. They can hold the elected leaders accountable to enable an excellent education system that will thrive and help many generations to come. The aim of fighting for better education in middle level and high school is because Rocketship Education has not yet established a high school where the kids can join after the primary.

Unlike other institutions of learning, Rocketship values the concept of diversity. Therefore, they enroll all kids regardless of their religion, social class, ethnicity, creed or race. The school staffs are diversified to make sure learners acquire different cultural experiences. Moreover, Rocketship believes in meaningful-inclusion model. They cater for students with the disabilities and ensures that they are treated equally in every aspect of learning.