Securus Technologies Helping Keep Drones from Being Misused by the Criminals to Transport Contraband

The drone detection technology is introduced by Securus Technologies to neutralize the drones that try and enter the airspace above the prisons. Lately, it has been found that many criminals are trying to use the drones to transport a variety of items illegally into the jails. And, somehow it is a system that has found tremendous success as well because the correctional authorities never expected such use of a drone. Even when there are many surveillance cameras in and around the prison facilities along with other security measures installed, the drones have been able to enter the corrections space to supply contraband with ease.


Many correctional facilities have reported an increase in the contraband supply in the last couple of years since the drones were launched on the open market. It has made it difficult for the correctional agencies to stop the flow of contraband items as no matter how much they survey the area and keep track of the airspace, the drones are hard to detect in the old radar that is in use in the prisons. The drones are small, fast and potentially stealth in their outlook to the existing radars in use, and hence, an upgraded technology is needed.


The drone detection technology would ensure that the prisoners don’t get any contraband items and that the corrections officers are notified immediately as the drones enter the airspace above the corrections facility. The drone detection technology is still young, and it would evolve in the future further to add new features. However, currently, the test results have proven that the drone detection technology is more than efficient in what it is meant to do. Securus Technologies has assured the correctional authorities that it would continue to upgrade the drone detection technology in the future. It would help the prison facilities to keep the crime under control as well.