Securus Technologies Limiting Gang Violence in Jail

One of the most dangerous parts of my job as a corrections officer is dealing with gang violence behind the prion walls. With the gang population on the rise, the potential for violence increases, and since officers are severely outnumbered, we have to do whatever it takes each day to try and limit the potential for violence.


When you have to separate gang members in jail by their affiliation, it only takes one small incident of an inmate being in the wrong place to incite a riot. We try to offer each of these gang members a certain degree of respect, but they push the envelope and make it hard to stay safe some days because of the flow of weapons and drugs in their cells. To combat that issue, we use a number of resources that helps to make things safer for all.


Despite our efforts with surprise cell inspections and screening all visitors that come to the jail to see the inmates, we still see drugs and weapons being used in our facility. Securus Technologies was going to become an instrumental part of us getting the jail cleaned up, and the new inmate call monitoring system was a resource we were going to give a real test run. This company has 2,500 monitoring systems in jails throughout the country, and their objective is simple, making the world a safe place to live.


Once we started to listen more intently to the inmates on the phone, we discovered things like them ordering lower-level gang members to sell drugs, which soldiers on the outside would bring drugs to the visitor center, and how these drugs are hidden throughout the property. Each time the Securus Technologies monitoring system gave us a lead, we would dispatch a team to get control of the situation immediately.