Sentient AI – The Advantages of the Ecommerce Recommendation Engine

In the world of ecommerce businesses are constantly trying to find what sells and how to sell the items in their stores. When humans engage in this process it can be very expensive and time consuming. Sales people are expensive and in the world of technology businesses are searching for cheaper and more efficient solutions. Sentient Aware is such a system which takes the salesman out of sales and uses modern algorithms and machine learning to optimise the selling part of an eccomerce business.

From the moment a prospective customer enters an eccomerce store the Ecommerce Recommendation Engine gathers information about them from every interaction they make with your store. From this data the Ecommerce Recommendation Engine can determine the intent of the buyer and what product he/she is more likely to purchase. From this data the owners of the ecommerce store are able to determine which products to sell to which customers and how to sell them.

When prospective customers enter an ecommerce store they are not always sure of how to describe what they want. However with modern learning algorithms the Ecommerce Recommendation Engine is able to determine not only what genre of item they are more likely to buy but also what styles of that item they are likely to buy. This means that every shopper on an ecommerce store that utilizes these learning algorithms will have a different experience based on their preferences. Even Amazon the world’s biggest online retailer extensively utilizes these machine learning algorithms so much so that it accounts for around a third of their overall revenue. When a prospective customer is not interested in the recommedations they are given on the ecommerce store Aware (the modern Ecommerce Recommendation Engine) is able to offer them alternatives with more effeciency then even an in store salesman.

The personalized nature of Aware increases the loyalty of customers over time. The more times a prospective customer interacts with an ecommerce store which utilizes Aware the more likely Aware is able to convert them into customers because machine learning algorithms get smarter overtime with all the new information they take in. The Ecommerce Recommendation Engine is becoming more accurate and able to convert customers. For prospective customers the accuracy of Aware helps them more easily find what they want. For retailers this means they are more easily able to sell the products the customer wants at the right price.