Sheldon Lavin and His OSI Group: Global Growth Company with Local Ties

Global expansion for many companies means, transferring impersonal assets and outsiders to the next country. Not OSI Group. This high growth international food company seeks out local people and manufacturing facilities first.

A fundamental business strategy for the OSI Group and CEO Sheldon Lavin is a belief in local tastes and cultural distinctions. Food tastes are integral to local culture. It is important for the company to tap this resource. OSI will spend considerable capital on learning idiosyncrasies of the local market. Management teams are tasked with providing the company, locally sourced food at better price points. OSI then integrates the global corporate structure to provide excellent economies of scale. Local management teams are given near-complete autonomy to operate as it sees fit.

OSI’s global partners and vendors are comfortable with this relationship. Day-to-day management decisions are made in the best interests of corporate, but also the local economies. This provides the benefits of a global company, working at an efficient local level.

CEO Sheldon Lavin believes in brisk global expansion, technology and deep commitments to quality. These fundamentals allow the company to maintain a competitive edge. OSI continues to move into underserved markets around the world. One of its recent acquisitions was BAHO Food, a Dutch company. The purchase in August 2016 provided new manufacturing facilities in Germany and the Netherlands. A distinct advantage to the acquisition was the distribution channels it gained in 18 countries throughout Europe. Flagship Europe is another recent purchase, giving Sheldon Lavin and his OSI Group even more distribution.

Home for this global behemoth is Aurora, Illinois. OSI serves dominant chain restaurants around the world. Sheldon Lavin does not want OSI to forget where it grew up. The company continues to serve and expand its local market. The recent purchase of a soon to be shuttered Tyson foods plant saved a lot of the plant’s employees. It also gives OSI expanded local production capabilities.

The local community and relationships are important to OSI. Sheldon Lavin believes local connections are the cornerstone of global growth. The company maintains constructive relationships with the Ronald McDonald House and Feeding America. Global growth opportunities continue to fuel this local company.

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