End Citizen United file compliant against Rick Scott

End Citizens United is a political organization. Recently, it went to the Federal Election Commission to file a complaint. According to the complaint, Rick Scott is using “unlawful” methods to support his senatorial campaign. In what they are calling a “super PAC,” they allege that Scott is circumnavigating the elections rules by using other means to engage in campaigns contribution. Already, he has surpassed the limits that have been set by the Federal Election Commission. So far, he has raised over $78 million for his campaigns.

The super PAC can raise as much and spend as much money as it can, but it should not be seen to work with any campaign team. PAC is supposed to contain and monitor elections contributions, but it seems to be working with Rick Scott to give him a head start. Before announcing that he would be running for the seat of the Senator, Scott was the chairman of the PAC. Clearly, he is working with the current leadership to violate the anti-coordination laws. PAC has already indicated that it is going to help him win the election which brings in the aspect that End Citizens United has raised.

According to the Director for End Citizens United, Rick Scott is hell-bent on winning the election even if it means violating the laws which are supposed to guide senatorial election. By channeling some of the money through the super PAC which is meant for presidential elections only, he is clearly violating the law. Mr. Adam Bozzi, the Communications Director, has indicated that PAC is helping him evade disclosure laws as well as helping him raise money illegally.

Although Rick Scott campaign has denied any possibility of getting favors from PAC, End Citizens United has gone further to table documents which show that Rick Scott has been working with PAC until recently. One of the evidence that they have tabled shows that the company has listed Rick Scott as the chairman on their website, although he left office earlier to run for the senatorial seat.

Rick Scott has shown that he cannot adhere to the laws which were put in place in order to remove big money from political competitions and the best way for the end citizens to is to defeat him at the ballot. The organization is also committed to pushing for a change in laws such that sources of donations can be revealed. The headquarters of this organization is in Washington DC.

End Citizens United ‘s  Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/EndCitizensUnitedPAC