Choosing to Fly with the Fagali Airport

In 1990, the Fagali Airport was owned by the local government and used primarily for military purposes. Unfortunately, due to noise and pollution violations, the airport was closed and no longer used for testing and training. Despite remaining abandoned for many years, Polynesian Airlines found a niche in the market for a high-quality airport that offered both local and international travel. The company also knew that it had to adhere to special guidelines so that noise and environmental reports wouldn’t be made by local residents or those traveling to the Somoa Islands. To this day, the Fagali Airport offers high-quality flights at affordable rates using a facility that uses special features to cut down on pollution and noise.

There are multiple airlines within the Fagali Airport, which include both local and international travel. For international travel, Somoa Air is the airline for you. It offers flights to North and South America, Canada and some parts of Europe. Some of the other airlines include Polynesian Airlines, South Pacific Airways and Pogo Pogo Air. The airport was recently awarded a safety award from the International Flight Association thanks to its 250 employees working diligently to create a safe and secure flying facility for those traveling to and from Somoa.

If you will be traveling to or from the Fagali Airport, there are many amenities and features that promise to make your flight more convenient. These include an in-house restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch and dinner along with beverages and desserts. You will also find multiple restrooms, vending machines, gift shops and cafes that you can use when you’re within the facility and have already gone through security. Despite being one of the smallest airports in the world, Fagali Airport is one of the busiest with over 30,000 flights leaving every single year.

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