Sheldon Lavin leading expansion of OSI Group

There are many food production companies in the world, but few are in the league of OSI Group. This is one of the largest food production companies with a presence in many locations around the world. The company headquarters are found in Aurora, Illinois. The company produces protein foods which are packaged and sold to large retail sellers such as supermarkets, food chain restaurants. OSI Group is privately owned and has a presence in 17 countries, and it is still opening more branches. It is headed by CEO Sheldon Lavin assisted by President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald. The company is not only providing food to the people but also job opportunities in areas where they have plants. Currently, there are about 65 processing plants in various parts of the world. In China, the company recently built seven new plants to enhance the supply of food products which is now in high demand.

One of the areas Sheldon Lavin is focusing on as it tries to expand its business operations to many parts of the world is Europe. The European market is large due to the high consumption of processed foods. The company recently bought Baho Foods, a Dutch food company which has subsidiaries both in Netherlands and Germany. By the time, OSI Group was acquiring this company; it was making supplies in 18 European countries. After the acquisition, it means that this will be a new market for OSI Group. Baho Foods will, however, continue operating under its name but will now be doing its food processing operations under OSI Group. OSI Group is expected to ramp its food production and increase sales in Europe through this new acquisition.

This is not the only acquisition that is going on in Europe. OSI Group under Sheldon Lavin is determined to exploit this market to the fullest. It has acquired another company known as Flagship Europe which was later named “Creative Foods.” under this new management the company is now producing frozen poultry and pies. With the entry of OSI Group, Flagship Europe will now be able to supply its products to many places in Europe. It will be looking forward to applying the same tactics it has used in the United States and Asia, where they dominate. OSI group is also focused on Spain and Germany. It is already in the process of expanding the plants in these two countries to meet the high demand for their products. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the company looks destined to make more changes in incoming years.

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