The Chainsmokers Explains their New Track Sick Boy in an Exclusive Interview

After giving numerous hits in the past four years such as Selfie, Don’t Let Me Down, Closer and others that remained on the top charts for months, the Chainsmokers have come back again after nine months with their new album. They just released one of the songs from their album ‘Sick Boy’. In an interview, the duo talked about the meaning behind their new song and explained its meaning. They talked about how the song reflected the struggle of people who want to find their identity in the crazy world.

Pall and Taggart both accepted that the last couple of years had been an enormous success for them and it was time for them to try out new things with their music. They did not want to remain bound to EDM and wanted to do something darker. Their new single song ‘Sick Boy’ is much darker and much different from what they have done in the past. They are willing to push themselves, and it is not just through the lyrics but also with their music. They know that music moves very fast and it is up to them to give their fans something different. What they have been doing so far has already been heard, and other musicians are doing the same kind of music. With their new album, they want to break the stereotype and provide something new and unusual to music listeners. Instead of creating something that they people will like, they are looking to create fresh music, something that people have not heard before. Another new thing about The Chainsmokers duo will be that they would be working with new producers and it is something that they are excited about.

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart met each other just a few years back while Pall was working as a DJ and Taggart created music and was an upcoming producer. They came to realize that they had similar taste in music and wanted to create something magical. Once their song ‘Selfie’ went viral, there was no looking back for the duo. Over the years, they have created some great songs and even won one Grammy Award.