The Entrepreneurial Success of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is the Founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She is an expert consultant to clients on marketing, branding, talent management, operational efficiency, and merchandising. She has been invited to several talk forums to offer words of advice. Susan McGalla has spoken about her views on how women can progress in business to audiences like Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and at the Carnegie Mellon University Conference for Chief Executive Officers (CEOs).

The article recognizes that women have made it to the pinnacle of every field. However, women still face challenges such as inequality in the boardroom and smaller pay cuts. Despite the drawbacks, women have proven to be successful in leadership positions. There a lot of powerful women in the corporate world. Many women are breaking out of their shells in an industry that has been dominated by men. Susan McGalla is among the top female executive that has been mentioned in the article. She acts as a role model to other women. Her path can be used as a blueprint to other women to succeed in the business world. Women are good in earning trust and networking. They depend on each other for successful business decisions.

Susan McGalla has been successful as a retail executive in her P3 Executive Consulting Firm. She firmly believes that hard work is all that is required for a person to do well in life. Susan McGalla discovered herself and unlocked her potential. She believes that if she did it, then other women can do the same and become successful. All people are unique and are endowed with greatness.

Susan McGalla solely founded her firm. Before forming her company, she worked for Pittsburgh Steelers as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. Susan McGalla also worked at Joseph Horne Company. She then proceeded to American Eagle Outfitters. Her hard work and commitment did not go unnoticed. She was appointed the President and Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO) of the company.

After several years, Susan McGalla left American Eagle Outfitters to venture in a different direction of private consultation and retain business. In January 2011, Wet Seal company approached her with a job offer to become the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). She worked with then until she formed P3 Executive Consulting. Her expertise has enabled her to attract financial executives who need assistance in marketing, merchandising, branding, and other areas.