The Growth and Success of Fabletics in the Fashion Industry.

Fabletics is a fashion-forward athleisure brand established in 2013. The enterprise has grown into a two hundred and fifty million dollar company within three years. The founders of Fabletics are Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. Kate Hudson achieved in the corporate world despite being an actress with no background in business. Reseller and Goldenberg were the founders of TechStyle Fashion Group that has experience in the online fashion world, which provided funding to the corporation. Fabletics is a stylish, reasonably priced and quality athleisure brand in the universe that produces workout gears for people.


Kate Hudson reviews budgets and selects social media strategies alongside designing outfits to ensure that product designs are fresh. Hudson manages sales of the company as well the stock through the company’s data-driven approach, which helps her to know the clothes that are selling and the ones that aren’t moving in the market. The data also assists to match customers with their perfect outfit. She markets Fabletics gears by wearing them whenever she is going to the gym, because of the authenticity of the costumes. The firm’s products are almost half the price compared to other companies in the industry. Fabletics is committed to quality, which has earned the company a top rating from the Better Business Bureau. The enterprise ensures customer satisfaction, which made them upgrade their customer service department. The company has earned an incredible reputation in the business world that attracted more retail businesses in 2015 by a growth of 644 percent. Fabletics is headed by Gregg Throgmartin and has over one million members across the universe.


The success of Fabletics attracts several celebrities including Demi Lovato, who poise rapid growth of the company in the future. The firm incorporates reverse showroom because of the unique way they stand out and the quality of their products. Reverse showrooming provides people an offline platform where they view commodities but instead buy from other sources at lower prices. The strategy helps the business to create relationships with its customers besides making it a reliable firm in the market. The reverse approach provides Fabletics knowledge on local fairs much better than before through events and other activities. The strategy attracts more customers, which results in an approximated 25 percent of new members as well as 30-50 percent of their loyal clients. The firm has expanded its business by creating over twenty stores as a result of the reverse showroom.