The Immaculate Mighty Fortress Church

Although most of the churches date back to the ancient times either in the historic or prehistoric ages, the architectural art therein is magnificent. From the monumental view to the artistic interior designs, these churches have stood steady amidst all weather conditions implying the durability of the construction materials. Minnesota to be precise has the eye-catching historic to modern worship chapels which is their cultural heritage.

The St. Paul Assumption church was designed way back in 1870 after another one in Munich Germany. It has a glaring interior and a Romanesque revival architectural style. Synonymously is the Assumption or Grasshopper Chapel was built following a grasshopper plague end. The Episcopal Church of our Savior has a unique stone field and timber construction in the upper sections. Architect John Sutcliffe is the force behind this church in Little falls. Fowler Methodist Church is an arched design with square steeples on either side by Warren Hayes completed in 1894. Another church still in Minneapolis is the Hennepin Ave United Methodist church with close resemblance to the latter but with rural Gothic Antics.

Incognito by the National Register of Historic Places is the St. Mary’s Church in New Trier of 1909 in the French Beaux style. The Spanish founded St. Andrew had tastefully colored clay tiles on the roof. Apparently, it is an arts academy. Stella Marie Chapel in St. John University has a spectacular lake view and is a tourist attraction. The Catholic Church has several chapels with state of the art design such as Christ the King-Browerville, St. Columbia Church, Hopperstand Stave and Unitarian Church-Duluth among others.

About Mighty Fortress Church
The Rhema Bible Training graduate, Bishop T.R. Williams is the founder and senior pastor of Mighty Fortress Church. The church is centered on the spiritual, physical and economic growth. It has outreach programs and support ministry along with preaching.

Its unselective soul winning and approach has grown its popularity. People are encouraged to attend church as they are. The modern style of worship, culture integration, Bible teaching and evangelism as some outstanding features incorporated. Word of God is Taught extensively and discourage evil.

Bishop Williams has been in ministry for over 30 years serving in different capacities. He has two degrees from St. Thomas College and Midwest Christian College Seminary. Bethel University and North Central University similarly are his alma mater with masters and bachelors respectively.

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