The investment strategies and techniques of Highland Capital

Highland Capital is a well-known asset management company and investment firm located in Dallas, Texas. With twenty years of confirmed successes, they are one of the most decorated places to invest your money not only in Dallas but across the country.

What sets Highland Capital apart is the sheer level of faith they have in their methods as well as the amount they of information they are willing to share with prospective clients about these techniques. 20 years ago some criticize their methodology of alternate investing as too risky, but an ever-evolving ideology has grown their investment balance to over 20 billion dollars.

Most notably, Highland Capital employs bottom-up research for each and every one of their investments, as well as any potential investment to be considered. This means that’s rather than look at the industry as a whole first they look at the individual company its readiness to be investment worthy. In most cases, you can assume that there was a market for whatever company exists, otherwise, the company would not have been created in the first place. This focused approach allows investment managers at Highland to select winning companies first, before trying to focus on the more abstract and difficult nature a selecting winning industries.

All that said, there was still a focus on selecting winning industries. A successful company cannot be successful if there was no future in the products, goods, and services that the company offers.

This dual-strategy nature requires extensive communication between research professionals at Highland with the CIO and portfolio managers. This robust two-way dialogue ensures managers are able to identify mispriced investments to their own unique brand of fundamental analysis.

In addition, time is saved by keeping researchers as researchers, never missing the opportunity to sell based on outside information. They called this “alpha-by-avoidance”, and is the theory that preventing losses is just as if not more important as securing gains.

While these ideas are not all-encompassing, they do give potential customers a solid idea in regard to the type of investment management strategies to Highland employs. They provide highly managed investment services that consistent change with the ebb and flow of the markets, making them the perfect choice for anyone seeking high gains and minimized losses.