The outstanding career development of James Dondero

Born in New Jersey, James Dondero spent most of his early life with his parent. He was born to a middle-class family where he learnt some basics on investments making important economic choices. As a young man, James took part in a lot of family businesses before moving out to further his studies. After completing his early education, James went to the University of Virginia to study accounting and finance. His education journey was smooth because of his outstanding performance at each level.
The current position held by James Dondero
Because of his several years of experience and outstanding performance in the positions held initially, James Dondero is currently charged with overseeing all the investment options made by the Highland Capital Management. James was selected based on his experience and the surety of his investment choices. The company has a net worth of $21 billion which James has to oversee. The worth of the company combines both the liquid cash and assets. Before starting the Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero had a total of 30 years of working experience in different fields.
The trail of experience
Hardly five years after his graduation was James Dondero entrusted with a company worth over $2 billion. His performance in this position improved the trust level, and this got him another position. James took over the Protective Life’s GIC when it started picking up, and he left it with a net worth of $2 billion. Equally, he managed the American Express’ $1 billion worth of assets as he gained his working experience.
The service of Board of directors
Because of his performance in different positions, James has been elected to several Boards as a means of overseeing their operations. Currently, Dondero is a board member at the MGM Studios. He also has a membership at the American Banknote Corporation. He is the chairman of the Board of Directors in NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare as well as CCS Medical. These positions require a lot of commitment and experience. On top of the currently held positions, James has been receiving several invitations to different companies to oversee their operations.