These Are Some of the Victories of Avaaz

Avaaz, founded around ten years ago, has a single stated goal: To close the gap between the world that we have and the world that we want. Only five years after it was established, The Guardian called it the most powerful and the largest online activist group in the world. They help everyone take part in an issue, so that something big can come about from something small. A few people can band together to spread awareness about an issue, and this can explode into a worldwide effort to bring about change.

Thousands of people are volunteers for Avaaz. They work on six continents. They work in fifteen different languages. They work both offline and online to organize protests and petitions and to lobby governments to make improvements.

Avaaz has had many successes during the course of their existence. They were thanked by the head of the UN climate talks for their activism in supporting awareness about climate change. They have fought to keep the internet open to all and safe from government regulations and corporate interests. They were thanked for their effort in mobilizing support for a free internet by the President of the European Union, Martin Schulz. They have seriously improved conservation efforts for endangered marine animals. They have fought against efforts by Monsanto, a chemical giant, that would pollute and harm the environment. They have mobilized millions of dollars, euros, yen, etc for poor populations who needed help. They have led a revolution in Brazil against the corruption that is rampant there.