Why End Citizen Is A Force To Reckon In U.S.A

End Citizen United was formed on 1st March 2015. It is a political Action Committee that is dedicated to reforming the campaign finance system. The organization is based in Washington and is funded by grassroots donors. The organization is dedicated to countering the impact caused by citizens united that created an avenue for people to spend unlimited amount of money in American elections.

End Citizens United supports democrats who advocate for reforms in the campaign finance system. They support candidates who are vulnerable to attacks by corporates and mega donors. The reason why the organization supports democrats is because of the dedication they have shown towards changing the leadership of America as compared to the Republicans. The president of End Citizen United is Tiffany Muller. She recently endorsed Heinrich who has promised to put an end to elections corporate spending. Their main argument is that corporations are not people, and that the system is allowing individuals to buy their way to top government positions.

End Citizen United believes that there should be transparency in the spending for politics and to do so, they do filings with Federal Elections Commission. This transparency is helpful as it motivates the organization’s donors to continue supporting it. The board of directors of End Citizens United constitutes of top leaders who are committed to the main agenda of the organization.

Within the first three months of its formation, End Citizen United raised over $4 million. It has further projected that by the time we have the Congress 2018 midterm elections, it will have raised not less than $ 35 million. An estimate of one hundred thousand donors provided funds for the PAC within the first four months since beginning of the year. One of the main factors that motivate the donors is the fact that most of them feel rigged by the existing system especially since their individual candidate are not able to raise large amounts of money. The election of President Donald Trump made them both unhappy and uncomfortable thus the need to raise more money to fight the agenda of his administration that is not suitable for them.

End Citizen United has an estimate of 330,000 donors in America. Recently, the firm raised $ 1.4 million for their candidate Jon Ossoff who is running for election at 6th Congressional District. The members are not only Americans, the Mexicans at the border who support the Democrats have also joined them.

It is important to note that End Citizen United works as a domestic PAC and consequently, it does not accept donations that are more than $5000 from each individual donor. The organization is currently examining the most suitable groups to work with in 2018.