Why Futurist Jason Hope Believes the Internet of Things is the Next Big Thing

In a 2015 article about the role of women in the elusive field of futurism a writer for The Atlantic notes that the jury is still out as to what the term futurism means and who exactly qualifies as a futurist. For the time being many of the people who call themselves futurists or are considered to be futurists often work in the world of technology. The Atlantic notes that these individuals often people like Sergey Brin, who was part of the team that launched the search engine Google and Elon Musk, who has a private company that is working on making space travel more feasible and affordable for human beings, are among the people that the world looks to when it asks questions about what the outcomes of the current trajectories that society finds itself on will be and how those outcomes will be shaped by technology.

One under discussed topic that is sure to shape the world in the coming years and decades is the Internet of Things. The concept was coined in the late 90s and builds upon the concept of the internet in that an Internet of Things is not just comprised of computers but of objects like household appliances, cars and even houses that are connected the world wide web. Futurist and entrepreneur Jason Hope has long been an advocate of opening discussions about the Internet of Things and the possibilities that it holds for improving human society as well as the precautions that must be taken as it is developed. Hope has written about the ways in which the coming Internet of Things can improve product development for corporations.

According to Hope just as the internet created data connected to digital media and websites that have allowed journalists to better understand how people are interacting with their work, the Internet of Things can allow corporations and executives to receive a constant loop of data about how the devices they make such as a smart watch or a fitbit are doing after they are purchased by a consumer. This information can enable them to create better products that are suited to meet consumers’ needs.